Testify for August LOVE to the Publish0x!!! crash n burn face plant we miss you Watch Army!!!

Mighty Watch Army,  we miss our rides!! May have had a breakthru and can come BAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!    Oh man cryptonauts we miss our love thang.  Paying the rent writing has been a blessing but we folded like a cheap suit trying to keep up with our true love, funnies with the watch Army ooohhh man we miss y'all reading music TLDR: we got a job but it don't pay.  We need to hear what Cryptonator has to say.  Without PVM telling us what to do, we don't know how, gonna make it thru 

we missing out , three things the most, Rocket's memes, & MVP's jokes.  CJE keeping us up on washing ton 

OH man, the face plant.  At first we were reading the Gecko's explorer while walking the dog but could not keep it up man5574d1646b054a19746594711b3d6d2560ad222428f1154a048382fee1b54f7e.pngTLDR: owiee!!  no 1K views per day, no dolla a day, no thousand likes. CRASH N BURN!!!!!!!! 

Oddly, the Cheeto Dicktator got first prize of the bad lot :

personal next up 

and based on views, not $$ we got

oooh man hertz donut. 

ANYWAY ACTUAL GOOD FUNNY NEWS: d5389b6986c624938ee0bb13b02d892efa757463146d4a60a516ea6c97e76d3b.pngTLDR:  Hayden Adams retains his halo.    It's REALLY funny as the law is saying maybe the guys who built T-Cash did it to launder money.  Whereas Hayden built Uni for well for whatever reason guys like Hayden think, who the @94UQ#($U knows what that man is thinking, we think it is most likely something about the jewel in the lotus the I in the lotus Om madi padme om ah HA HA HA!!! 

Cryptonauts, we love ya!! & we'll be back oh yea in a minute back we'll be right back we say 

Peace out 




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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW
Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW

Face it. The geopolitical world is going down hard in a blaze of money printing. America freaking out makes the world freak out, burning cities, riots and total polarization while the MMT monkeys at the Fed make the printers go brrrrrrt as we whack the world economy with Covid. Join us as we go crawlin thru the wreckage. A lot of things that were going good just stalled hard. A lot of things going bad are getting there faster and faster. to quote Nina Hagen, FUTURE is NOOOOWWWW!!!!

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