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Follow and Upvote me On D.Tube!

15 hours ago 1 minute read 3 comments trumpman

So, as I hinted on my post yesterday about the airdrop, today I decided to upload something there and try to earn some easy money. After a few clicks here and there my silly video was up after a few minutes. Overall, a fast & easy process: As...

Check out D.Tube, you might have some free money !

1 Dec 2020 1 minute read 1 comment trumpman

Apparently there's an airdrop for Steem accounts going over Dunno the exact details and honestly I am too lazy to check. All I know is that I got about 20 dtube coins: Atm, the coin is trading on Ionomy (yep that's a ref link!) at about 1500...

Travala (AVA) lock ups are exploding!

30 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment trumpman

If you have missed my recent posts and haven't heard of Travala (AVA) I will leave some links in this post if you want to learn more about the project. I only very recently heard and invested in it, and after about a week I think I have a solid...

Check out Andrei Jikhn on Youtube!

27 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment trumpman

Just discovered this Andrei Jikhn fella by this post from @rollandthomas and I must say I really enjoyed his content, which is mainly focused on finance, saving, getting out of debt, his personal success stories/strategies etc etc. Apparently, h...

AENEAS: Another generic tribe for your HIVE posts!

25 Nov 2020 1 minute read 4 comments trumpman

Here's another generic tribe & tag you may want to keep an eye and use on your posts when posting generic stuff on Hive: Just use the tag "aeneas" if you want your posts to appear on the tribe's frontend. This tribe is pretty new...

Staking my AVA - Smart5 Activated !

23 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment trumpman

A few days ago I shilled you guys Travala (AVA) and honestly, the more I learn about it the harder I get! Anyways, today I staked 5k coins (out of the total 20k I bought) and became a smart 5 member: In case you wonder why I didn't stake more, 5k is...

Free Coin Listings on Altilly till 31 of December !

21 Nov 2020 1 minute read 3 comments trumpman

Dunno how many will be interested in this but I stumbled upon it today and figured it's worth a share. Maybe you have a coin of your own or are involved in a project pr whatever: Altilly will be offering free coin listings up until 31 of December: A...

I just bought a shitload of AVA (Travala) - This is why!

20 Nov 2020 2 minute read 1 comment trumpman

AVA is a project I first heard from the shillings of @empoderat on twitter. It was around this time: I like to do my research and I really liked what I saw. But I definitely wasn't buying the peak. So I waited a bit and started buying a few tokens...

Probit listing coming soon for Blurt !

18 Nov 2020 1 minute read 2 comments trumpman

It's been teased for a while but now it's finally official. In three days blurt will be available for trading on Probit. Probit is a somewhat big exchange (atm #70 on CMC) and I believe it's also a Korean favorite (the same guys that used to pump st...

Cryptobrewmasters teases new updates!

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment trumpman

Looks like we are finally getting some new recipes on Cryptobrewmasters: Yeah, updates on this game are generally slow but come at a steady pace. Honestly, I have a very good feeling about the game and if you haven't started playing it yet you shou...


Finally! A Good Casino For Hive! (HiveSlotGames)

9 Nov 2020 trumpman

09 November 2020
no but i have some of their tokens thanks to dcity :D

What would Mr. Krabs do?

22 Oct 2020 belemo

22 October 2020
Go to netherlands. Be a male hooker. Problem solved.

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 Igor Tomić

03 September 2020
Hive is the obvious choice. Maybe integrate it somehow too ?

How to get more Ads on Brave Mobile

21 Aug 2020 trumpman

21 August 2020
Fingers crossed!

How to get more Ads on Brave Mobile

21 Aug 2020 trumpman

21 August 2020
Appreciate it <3

The Switch

19 Aug 2020 Leonis

20 August 2020
As a bag holder I thank you from the depths of my heart

What will you do when you finally make it?

30 Jul 2020 trumpman

30 July 2020

Hobby Collecting: Silver Ammo

28 Jul 2020 Leonis

28 July 2020
mmmmmmmmmm, sexy!

Crypto awareness and adoption increasing rapidly in the UK

25 Jul 2020 RealSociology

26 July 2020
Good to see you here friend :D

Questionable Practices of the Past: Mouth Pipetting

22 Jul 2020 Leonis

22 July 2020
One post a day is enough! 😂

Blurt is out...

6 Jul 2020 trumpman

06 July 2020
Don't have any, wife takes good care of the house :/

Trumpman's Treasury #9 - Silver 5 Deutsche Mark with Imperial Eagle (1969)

5 Jul 2020 trumpman

05 July 2020
I am not German and haven't heard of them 😂 But thanks for commenting my friend, I will check your article :)

Speaking of Coins #4

3 Jun 2020 funnel

07 June 2020
That's a sexy coin my friend!

Trumpman's Treasury #6 - 30 Drachmas Silver Coin, "The Kings of Greece"

4 Jun 2020 trumpman

07 June 2020
Xaxa αφού σε είπα βάζε λινκ ρεε. Σε κάνω φαλοου!

Foodbook #263 Mille-feuille

1 Jun 2020 Krevasilis

01 June 2020

The Thought Of The Day - Trump Bad, China Good

17 Apr 2020 trumpman

20 April 2020
You are missing the point of the post. Let's assume you are right and all the hate he is getting by the media is right. But there are others, that need to be blamed equally if not more especially WHO and china.

Fun Stuff To Keep You Entertained In the Times Of Corona

16 Apr 2020 trumpman

16 April 2020
Lovely dogs 😂😂😂😂😍

Don't install crap!

15 Apr 2020 trumpman

16 April 2020
Well most browser extensions are useless, so unless it's really necessary then better be on the safe side and don't install :D

Don't install crap!

15 Apr 2020 trumpman

16 April 2020
Well it comes as an extension so just don't install it. :D

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Did you Earn your free HELIUM? [New CoinMarketCap Campaign - Tips & Answers included]

29 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments katerinaramm

  I was very happy to see yesterday a post by my friend nikoleondas about a new promo by CoinMarketCap so I immediately decided to take action! Why waste time when it comes to earning easily a couple of $$? Let's see what this is about! CoinMarketCa...

A small boost On CryptoBrewMaster!

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments cryptomaniacsgr

With the latest price adjustments my progress in the game stalled, kind of annoying considering that i was doing pretty well so far. So i thought that a small boost was necessary to ignite my Beer engine and start produce good quality beers again.As...

360DAPP Airdrop: This looks pointless

30 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments belemo

If there's something I've learnt from crypto space, it is that there's no such thing as too many airdrops. However, it gets to a point when you start to think that maybe this shit is becoming too much. Take this 360DAPP coin that I claimed the other...

Interested in knowing more about DeFi? Download this FREE Guide by Cointelegraph

25 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments katerinaramm

DeFi is making it more and more at the news and many of us are not (fully) aware about what it is and why we should know more about it. Thankfully, there are a number of efforts by independent means, with the aim to offer us more and more information...

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Image: A screenshot from EtherGasStation taken by me today.   Update (September 8th): Payouts have been completed a week late. Thank you for all of your feedback and patience! The solution we've settled on to remedy the high gas fees is to switch fr...

The Switch

19 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Leonis

         Speaking of making changes the other day, I finally decided to move most of my web activity over to Brave. It took a while to get myself set up, but I did it in the end.          Some of you might think to yourselves why it took so long? Th...

Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto in CoinmarketCap

18 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments cryptomaniacsgr

It seems that my Senpai @trumpman can find and offer some worthy stuff except shitty ones (he is well known as shitty investment promoter), so in his yesterday post (full linked looks better)

How I earn a Living Through Blogging

29 Jul 2020 5 minute read comments RealSociology

I earn a living through mostly through blogging. I still can’t believe it when I say that, but it’s true, and especially since my teaching income has dried up due to Covid, the blogging income’s all I’ve had coming in, and it’s kept me ticking over....

CryptoBrewMaster - My Favorite Blockchain Game

29 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

Blockchain gaming combines two of my favorite hobbies: gaming and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, I have struggled to find any blockchain-based games that really held my interest. Some of them are glitchy, some focus way to much on the monetization as...



I am sports expert since 2009.


I am a huge Cryptocurrency investor and collecter. We at Vexedcoin have gained huge amounts of Altcoins. That show huge growth potential. VexedCoin will also become it's own CryptoCoin very soon. For more info go to >>>


Mining hardware related skills.


nothing mush to say!!!!


I am a happy mom, business developer & crypto enthusiast.


Anti-dairy campaigner, a crypto enthusiast who also advocates sustainable living practices


If you are lucky, cryptocurrency may bring some wealth, but I think it is becoming a practical method of ideal life, and I just take action to practice it.


Experience is the best master.


Informático amante de las criptomonedas




Network and security consultant. Technology and blockchain enthusiast. Traveler and occasional photo snapper.

Andy Savage

Lead cobbler-together of - Interested in how cryptocurrencies can free us all to live in abundance, if we seize the opportunity and defend ourselves against those who have kept us from our full potential.

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OG: The Original Crypto blogger.


Lover of freedom, art, free expression, the universe of the Cryptocurrency, the Cryptoart and my family obvious.


In this blog you will know everything about the country of Portugal.


Writer| Promoter| Content Creator| Activist| Student of life| dreamer| Engineer

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Poet, writer...


The price of that wish ≒ a prelude to demise, a HIVE of souls ≒ moving VIBES


Photographer, Blogger, Dogs- & Cryptolover


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"Everything you can imagine is real." Steemit:




Content creatorRetired teacher, specializing in Spanish and Literature, with two years of experience sharing content. I hope to share in this platform, my poems, recipes, photographs, and topics for reflection. Life is a constant learning. Thank you.


I am a researcher, Gamer, cryptotrader and poet


A steem creator looking to write more about crypto, gaming, and things that I enjoy


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Slightly crazy crypto blogger with outspoken political views

kripto sedat

if you want to write a paid article for your projects, contact me. #articleexpert Stratejist marketing & field specialist


Multiple sclerosis survivor


I am from Greece.I am mechanical engineer and i love dogs and nature.


I'm an amateur blogger, crypto holder, and a passionate fisherman for as long as I can remember. For more details please ask, it's free. You can find me on and Hive:


Today Spokane, tomorrow the world!


I am a child of God


I am Crypto lover


Right now I am not working, but I want to be a successful person


I am crazyCoins




I am a passionate writer. I write poems, prose and plays. I love seeing smiles on people's faces, I write motivational books and articles. I love Forex Trading as well. 📈


My name is Vitaliy i am from Ukraine. My favorite site:


I'm a village boy interested in cryptocurrency...

Crypto, precious metals, stocks, investing enthusiast! Website: Twitter: @easily_rich


I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things. geology, science fiction and cryptos





Vicky Kumar

I am gd person and Bitcoin my life 🙂


Im an affiliate marketer.


I enjoy learning and investing in crypto currencies

Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer, now living in Ireland. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!


Avid Brave user. Early BAT adopter. I make Minecraft Mods and Packs at

David P.

I enjoy discovering- and writing about- fun, informative and profitable things in all kinds of arenas: cryptocurrency, blogging, marketing and more! The Brave browser came first for me, and Publish0x more recently... it all just makes sense!


Pro IT shaman, hardware geek and developer. Confirmed filter free - there is no "too good to be true" or "to horrifying to believe" for me. Humble cyberpunk in a fucked up clown world. Forever torn between convenience and privacy. Won't tip krypto posts


Check @herr_rockn


Student computer scientist, musician, gamer, and lifelong learner.


Likes to keep an eye on dystopian fiction & reality. Loves to blog & make experimental synthesizer music. Covers pessimistic stuff with an optimistic mindset.

Sanjay Abdullah

I love job by online


emprendedor digital


I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind blockchains and I dream of a decentralized world.


I like technology


These days it's the bits. Everywhere.


I am nice good people


Analitic dreamers and crypto trader


I'm a Gamer and drawing is my hobby


I'm a Crypto trader


cats video games pizza coffee coca cola are some of the many things I enjoy!!!!!


Per aspera ad astra


I want to believe


Crypto enthousiast and blockchain believer Visit our website for faucets, tricks and more...


I am a writer, gamer, healthcare professional. I am.


Civil engineer, Fan of Crypto Currency and block-chain world


Crypto Fan from Germany, born in 1989.


I am a software engineer and like to take photos.


Blockchain social media testing and more! Bringing Crete and more to the blockchain


I am Shawon ,lives in Bangladesh.i am a freelancer..


All senses: Green.


Hello my name is Pierre I'm french , new to dropshipping but I do usuallly learn quick,i speak several languages fluently and i do have experience in Sales/Marketing/Management in real estate/Property field in different countries.I do love travel...




Old school blogger. I know a little bit about a lot of things but not a lot about anything. I blog about all sorts of things.


Qu orang yg gak puxa yang berusaha mengais rezeki dari internet


Olá! Sou Rafael , tudo bem? Possuo graduação em Ciência da Computação e estou estudando blockchain. Sou brasileiro e estou iniciando no mundo das criptomoedas.

Xlox Crypto

Join our youtube family - Xlox Crypto

Sehmuz perkdas

Merhaba ben 40 yaşında serbest çalışan kripto paralar ile ilgilenen biriyim


I am a passionate cryptographer, I just love this stuff... :-)


Free cryptocurrency airdrops and bounties list available on Updated daily.


Just a IT student from Poland interested in some news from crypto world Trying to start own blog during my free time :)

Jaco Pitout1357

love racecars having fun with friends


Enjoying mining crypto.


I am content creator on youtube and i make videos about games and earning bitcoins online.


Only god can explain


giúp tôi kiếm tiền với ạ


Hi, Thai is a youtuber with over 2 years of experience. When I was a freshman on the first year of my YouTube career, I decided to make entertainment videos for young people in my 20s. Believe that any kind of effort can be successful. But really this mar


Blockchain Gaming News | Curation | Community


Sono Allenatore di Basket


I am a passionate skateboarder from Greece who loves creating content related to skate, crypto and travel


A mother of 1 child. a stay at home mom. work as a freelancer


PCEP (Certified Python Entry-Level Programmer)


I m researching àbout free stuff over internet to earn bit coins for free

ahmet hoca

Sosyal medyada zaman geçirmeyi,araştırmayı ve yeni şeyler öğrenmeyi seviyorum.


I have a lot of free time and I like to earn money


Economic freedom. The new Spanish revolution. Long live cryptocurrencies (BITCOIN) !!!

The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️


I am crypto anthusiast, and trader, miner, investor in many various platform, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love to talking about Cryptocurrency.


Music lover


Soy trader independiente y busco oportunidades de ganar criptomonedas para incrementar mi capital.


Entrepreneur 🤵 , Writing about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies 🚀, & Technology🕹


Software engineer // Fintech // Blockchain enthusiast // Crypto Investor


Science lover, avid horticulturalist


Pretty new to crypto.

Digital Currency Research

Digital Currency Research’s mission is to inspire and educate in the areas of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. We are enthusiasts and love the potential of both technologies for the growth of the human race. We are not financial advisers


BlockChain Enthusiast/Supporter


I’m not Batman.


Happy to be alive~ everyday! Dancing through life as a loving wife, mom, and grandma, who wishes to leave the world better for all:)


Dad, Engineer, Runner and Crypto-trader


Doogle Crypto is a collaborative Discord with free usually "PREMIUM" signals, alerts, tips and tricks, you won't be disappointed. Cryptocurrency giveaways and more, get paid just for chatting!


New to blockchain and am loving the idea that amazing people have made it possible to own digital assets because I was REFUSE to pay for digital stuff I cant own,


I'm a single mother


I change my mind about things way too often


Blogging about Sociology and Extreme Early Retirement

Patricia Jones

I’m a nice and beautiful lady

Sergei Zabolotnyi

A hard promoter of crypto-industry world


Crypto Enthusiastic. Crypto Hodler


I'm a new person enthusiast in crypto.


A student going through education


Technology. Fitness. Health. Stocks. Crypto.


My name is Khaled I’m from Nigeria, 25 years old, I am so interested in cryptocurrency I’m a partner with Bimcoin project. I’m honest and trustworthy person and I would love to do more with you as well 🙏🏻


Retired firefighter- Teach and work with the homeless- see more here-


Science and Nature Enthusiast

handsome sikwoli

crypto currency and a guru


A stout heart, a clear conscience, and never despair.


A maker and DIY enthusiast.

Platomaniac Kryptonaut!

My Blog on the Blockchain


I am serious guy looking for money , sincere and honest in business


Keep Moving Forwards


I am a Mechanical Engineer, University Lecturer, Professional Trader, Athlete, and Musician...


Simple and brave!


My name is Guo.I was a retired legal professional.lam a Malaysian and 54 is my pleasure to meet publish0x.Thank you.[26/8/2020].

Technically Product

I'm James. I write how-to guides on digital marketing, analytics and web development products at


Medical Doctor. In Crypto since 2017.


visionary, creative, conservative and professional writer


my name is Vladimir 45 years old. I am interested in cryptocurrency.


Hello there, I am Spiros or Eagleboy, I am a mechanical engineer and I am occupying with crypto more or less for 4 years. I like to study for technical analysis and write articles about it.


An always learner with a curious spirit. Me gusta leer y escribir sobre muchas cosas cual polímata del mundo. And I try to write in English too!


Lover of Arts...


I'm just a simple person with simple perspectives in life


Everything on diversity. Crypto enthusiast, stocks and finance interested, blockchain games and anything related to these.




I'm a Civil Engineer interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


Crypto coin lover




Doting father, single malt drinker, bibliophile, Linux user and AC Milan supporter.

Sir Rufio

Just an average crypto loving guy!


I like writing and crypto. I try to combine both by posting. You can also find me at