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Opportunities that the Rising Stars game has for you:

By the01crow | the01crow | 12 Aug 2022



For those who do not know, Rising Stars is a music themed game, where players acquire cards that can be purchased in the market, or directly in the game packs, these cards have statistics that help to produce starbits the token of the game.

The logic is simple, there are cards with fans that the higher the more starbits you produce, in addition to skill other statistics of the game, you get with instruments which allow you to earn points in music lessons, and as you go winning levels that then allow you to unlock other cities, the more cities more missions available and the greater the gain, if you want to expand the details and strategies were explained in this post.

Now, what opportunities does the game have?

If you are an artist you can have your music published in the game, that is to say that it can be heard while the players do their missions, it translates into a way to get publicity and make yourself known.

Being a game whose theme is music, and most of the nft are musicians many have made collaborations to release songs, various genres and styles in addition to meeting people from different parts of the world, it would help you to rediscover your style.










If you are a streamer, youtuber, obviously a musician, there is the possibility that they can make a nft of you, it is something great, I have a card, it is a collectible with utility, it is not just an image and that's it, as is the case with many nfts.


The streamers are given nft to give away, they would only have to go talk in the general channel with the creator of the game, that means that you have some asset that you can give away to your audience, it will mean more interaction.



It has a section to create in-game ads, this will allow you to promote some service, platform or referral link to some project you are part of, it is really cheap if we compare with similar services with an audience, in other places it would cost hundreds of dollars and maybe a couple of thousands, in Rising Stars for affordable amounts you could make use of such service.



As a player, if you are a content creator you can publish about the game and monetize the publications, many of the players make contests that are collected daily, and it is an excellent incentive both to publish and to participate in the contests, in addition to the streamers, you have many ways to acquire nfts to grow.



As an investor, being a collectible game and also the cards have utility, every first day of each month they create a new version that is when they show the artists, streamers, youtubers and even players, these cards have a supply and when they finish being issued they become a collection card. As the time goes by the cards become scarcer, an important aspect in the game is to try to acquire the cards, more than anything else to be in the ranking and receive a daily incentive.









The game has 2 years active, and is going for more time, is long term have 7000 active players who make life in the different opportunities that I described, the token is at an affordable price considering that came to cost 250$ 1.000.000 starbits, which many ask for the millionaire card which is a mission that gives you 10.000 starbits daily for a time of 30 minutes in the mission, in addition to be having more fans is a good way to invest and grow with the game.

When you have a large amount of stats (600k fans/skill), and you are able to produce 200,000 starbits daily, now you are basically a printer of collectible digital goods, with the possibility of increasing your stats considerably if in that batch of packs that you open a legendary card comes out.



In short these would be the opportunities that the game Rising Stars has, it has several aspects that I am sure you would love to start enjoying, if you do not know the game I invite you to register and start, remember that it has a couple of rules, no multi-accounts, no vpn, only one account per IP.

Rising Stars is a game of the Hive chain, where the fee as such does not exist, but it requires stake which does not end that is to say they do not take anything for that, as they solved that, they created a bar called credit resources that are proportional to your stake, this bar is recharged, spent and recovered daily the higher your stake the higher your credit resources, the network is fast a block is validated every 3 seconds there are 48 tx in that block, 24 main nodes and more than 100 witness backup. It is a game that you can enter being free, but the advances as such in an accelerated manner with an investment once you understand the logic of the game, you would improve your statistics and get long-term gains, it is stable because the game was not designed as a form of investment, unlike other nft in which they seek to accumulate in the pre-sale and then try to turn the wheel until they stop entering users.

As you have been able to read, the game has great opportunities for both streamers, youtubers, content creators, obviously to players and investors of the game and even take advantage of the ad's, or as a musician become known and have the opportunity to make collaborations or have a tokenized song or an nft, this game has almost 7k users who enjoy music and generate crypto.

I hope this article is to your liking, until a next installment any questions related to this game, will be answered.

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