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Tools in the game Rising Stars: NFTMart

By the01crow | the01crow | 14 Aug 2022




In this new post of Rising Stars, another tool used to buy, sell and transfer NFT is NFTMart.

They have several tokens, it is worth noting that the tokens with the swap prefix. alludes to the fact that it is token within Hive-Engine an exchange that bridges between different cryptos such as eth, bnb, btc, ltc.

In NFTMart, you can buy or sell using Swap.wax, swap.hive, Starbits, and Starpro.


One of the benefits of this tool is that you can buy, transfer or sell up to 50 nft.

Recently added a modality where it makes an estimate of the value of the nft, at a standard price, you can put % less or more than the price suggested by the market.


Unlike RSGFAM the other tool that offers you a list looking for the best price/stats.

With NFTMart you can filter by price in a minimum and maximum range.


This tool, thanks to its functionalities, allows you to do things that you cannot do in the game, for example transfer, buy or sell in large quantities.

7ff2aaf8115a0d4b98153243892ae5bc99601ddbb8bd99325dd09740892cec0c.pngRising Stars is a Free to play game on the Hive, where nft is mostly music themed, artists can tokenize their music and have it played by all players.   Do you know the game? If you don't know it yet, why don't you try it? 

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