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An introduction to blockchain cryptocurrencies and blogging platforms.

By the01crow | the01crow | 23 Jan 2021

We always hear that blockchain and cryptocurrencies change the world and even many claims that bitcoin is the future, sometimes I think this kind of argument seems to be stagnant for quite some time, especially when bitcoin is already 13 years old.

Maybe when you read this article these terms are new to you, and even the more you try to get into this world the more terms will appear, some stranger than others, I will break down some of the basic terms:

A blockchain is a form of data storage that uses cryptography that travels in a hash that is, each transaction that is made is recorded, this information is grouped into blocks, a sequence of transactions that are linked together, and that a network of computers which are called nodes, verify and create new blocks that are displayed on the network, following rules called consensus protocols, which give unique characteristics to each network.

Cryptocurrencies we can say that the pioneer in terms of success has been bitcoin a form of storage of value, which works with the consensus protocol Proof of Work, this works as follows a network of miners, try to solve a mathematical problem for a certain time and the greater the amount of power obtained by the strength of hash resolution, the greater the probability of obtaining new blocks that have amounts of bitcoin.

Everything that is not bitcoin is known as an altcoin, in many cases, the purpose of them is to demonstrate that solutions can be found to improve protocols and thus find useful use cases.

The use cases of cryptocurrencies are usually varied, ranging from value storage and payment method as bitcoin, virtual computer in which smart contracts and decentralized applications dapps work in ETHEREUM or NEO, anonymity, privacy as monero, decentralized cloud storage of siacom and so an infinite number of use cases whose cryptocurrencies with higher capitalization you can find coinmarketcap or coingecko.

One of the easiest ways to use cryptocurrencies is blogging, the minimal possibility of censorship, the use of IPFS for storage, the possibility of monetizing the content.

An example of microblogging can be the recently launched, is a platform that gives users fractions of USD in bitcoin cash so that users have the freedom to choose which people and type of content to monetize, it has thematic groups called "chambers" in which you can find different niches to get noticed as a content creator.

Another example of this is publish0x, an agnostic platform that gives users the possibility to rate content on different altcoins such as eth, bat, ampl, and recently added farm.

Uptrend is another platform that can be used to monetize content, with a system of levels that you can raise either by earning the 1up or buying them, the more levels in your account the higher the earnings, thus incentivizing the value of the 1up coin. is a platform in which the topics range from cryptocurrencies, markets, finance, news related to these topics and whose value of the LEO token is already at 0.45$. is another blogging platform where content creators can earn bitcoin cash, it has a promotion system for articles and the income that can be earned there is interesting.

Memocash is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter in bitcoin cash where you can also receive SLP tokens, buy and sell tokens.


Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies in fact, the faster you adapt and make use of it the better, an efficient way to introduce people to using blockchain, tokens are blogging as you can realize there are many options with different themes even and ways to earn.

It's a matter of you finding the right place and start showing your passion and interests to the world.

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