A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity

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5 Conditions Of Existence, Evident in All Things; Condition 1. The Unknown

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5 EXISTENTIAL BIRTHRIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS IN CREATION To: 1. Serve and Embrace Greater Unknown Purpose in Creation 2. Self Determine 3. Establish Value 4. Relate Within Social Order 5. Identify In Creation This is the first chapter on the fundamen...

Identifying Indoctrination In Yourself and Others

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An indoctrination overview.  The Mentality of Indoctrination Ultimate belief in anything beyond ultimate Unknown purpose is indoctrination    The indoctrinated are simply ignorant of the natural social order, which is active at all times and which h...


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The President just announced that he will not comply with the phony Impeachment by a handful of Democrat representatives. Thank You Mister President. PRESIDENT TRUMP ADOPTS NWON STRATEGY ON COUP IMPEACHMENT PSYCHE OPS   Mark Levin announced on his s...

NWON - Impeachment? Time to Call a Coup a Coup

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To Stop a Coup, It Must Be Understood as a Coup The Evidence In News and Commentary We have a political/governing class coup they demand we call impeachment in the press. We have a whistle blower who is not a whistle blower, a con, probably CIA in t...

Natural Sovereignty and Authority in Social Order

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How to identify the each other in 2 social orders The Nature of Individual and Collective Social Order People In The Natural Social Order 1. Surrender Desire Over Outcome To Serve A Greater Unknown Purpose 2. Enter The World Of Infinite Possibility...

NWON: Peoples Psyche Ops; Impeachment, Tactical Update

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If you read, NWON - Media Steps Up Impeachment Psyche Ops,  you are already ahead of the curve. This is an update, on the latest useful natural response protocols for action. Our solution is not political, it is instinctive. empathetic and intuitive....

The Nature Of Acquired and Academic Knowledge

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The natural process for our species is to first acquire knowledge. Then we turn it into academic knowledge able to be transferred one to another.  SPECIES THRIVES AND SURVIVES BY ACQUIRING AND TEACHING KNOWLEDGE Academic knowledge is the attempt to e...


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iruur1 NWON- if you want to bring down the New World Order there is an opportunity that must be seized now and is currently ongoing by private media giants of individual pocket change financed research.    ACT TO EXPOSE EPSTEIN CORRUPTION WITHIN THE...

NWON - Media Steps Up Impeachment Psyche Ops

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KWON is natures news service in the public interest, from IRUUR1 The authoritarian minded wizards who are powerful among the majority asset class and the professional political class have access to intelligence instruments, products and methods. Chao...

NWON: Professional Political Class Corrupting Social Order

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This article is about the purpose and problem of the Professional political class. It will at once be a cosmology on this class, interspersed with news articles, and commentary to illustrate misuse of this class in our present social order. SOCIAL O...