Lockdown: People's Criminal Class Action Case Continues with New Mask Study


NWON - Despite the overwhelming pressure to institutionalize human rights passports, as defined by central banks and their corporate/government assets, the case for trillions in damages stemming from criminal science and public information fraud, continues to develop.


Medical Community Increasingly Divided Over "Settled Science"

The central banking, corporate/government asset funded scientists, currently in positions of power over funding and policy in health ministries around the world, have the full force of the MSM for our readers to research their science position. For an overview, one only need examine U.N. agendas 2021 and 2030. Also there are many outlines published by central bank organizations, predicting medical and environmental passports for allowed human behavior. These are of course human rights violations, under the Geneva Convention and numerous national constitutions.
But the central bank agendas offer people freedom from the responsibility of managing certain aspects of their daily life and allowing the state to give them what it determines is truly needed for them based on their contribution to society. The foundational principle of the global system, is justified, primarily on what is promoted as a settled science, environmental model, based on planetary resources. People's lifestyles are passport managed by the system, as human resource capital, within the framework of all manageable earth resources. The historic term for this system is called a technocracy. All MSM stories advance this concept of a systematic adjustment of rights in one form or another, based on "settled state advanced science " paving over the pitfalls inherent in human nature and the natural environment.
So NWON and IRUUR1 bring you stories that do not oppose the evolutionary need and natural desire of the People to connect around the world or "Globalize", moving forward. However we insist that our reporting cover all the evidence in science and lifestyle, with a goal of optimizing human excellence, as the basis for evolutionary decisions. In as much as a technocracy is premised on accurate science, accurate science is required before instituting any aspect of it into our social order for a prolonged period of time.


New Mask Study Adds To Case Of "Settled Science" Fraud By Corporate/Government Actors

The evolving case for fraud against the global investment controlled, central bank funded, corporate/government actors, vying for power, and stealing middleclass wealth, did not need this new study. Medical experts who opposed continued lockdown, after the initial goal of limiting covid hospitalizations was reached, began citing numerous historic studies on masks, to alert the public of the dangers from mass masking beginning in June 2020. These medical experts do not appear in the social media world of likes and follows for the most part, but their efforts in two major blockbuster studies this week, are going viral on social media, while being ignored in global investor press. They constitute further up to date evidence, of original "settled science" fraud increasingly waged against the People.


Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 Mask Mandates on Hospital Resource Consumption and Mortality at the County Level

This study appeared during the week, after viral social media shares about the study on natural, vs vaccine immunity. Here is the beginning of the study.


Steven G. Schauer, DO, MS, Jason F. Naylor, PA-C, Michael D. April, MD, PhD, Brandon M. Carius, PA-C, and Ian L. Hudson, DO, MPH Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer   Go to:



Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) threatens vulnerable patient populations, resulting in immense pressures at the local, regional, national, and international levels to contain the virus. Laboratory-based studies demonstrate that masks may offer benefit in reducing the spread of droplet-based illnesses, but few data are available to assess mask effects via executive order on a population basis. We assess the effects of a county-wide mask order on per-population mortality, intensive care unit (ICU) utilization, and ventilator utilization in Bexar County, Texas.



We used publicly reported county-level data to perform a mixed-methods before-and-after analysis along with other sources of public data for analyses of covariance. We used a least-squares regression analysis to adjust for confounders. A Texas state-level mask order was issued on July 3, 2020, followed by a Bexar County–level order on July 15, 2020. We defined the control period as June 2 to July 2 and the postmask order period as July 8, 2020–August 12, 2020, with a 5-day gap to account for the median incubation period for cases; longer periods of 7 and 10 days were used for hospitalization and ICU admission/death, respectively. Data are reported on a per-100,000 population basis using respective US Census Bureau–reported populations.



From June 2, 2020 through August 12, 2020, there were 40,771 reported cases of COVID-19 within Bexar County, with 470 total deaths. The average number of new cases per day within the county was 565.4 (95% confidence interval [CI] 394.6–736.2). The average number of positive hospitalized patients was 754.1 (95% CI 657.2–851.0), in the ICU was 273.1 (95% CI 238.2–308.0), and on a ventilator was 170.5 (95% CI 146.4–194.6). The average deaths per day was 6.5 (95% CI 4.4–8.6). All of the measured outcomes were higher on average in the postmask period as were covariables included in the adjusted model. When adjusting for traffic activity, total statewide caseload, public health complaints, and mean temperature, the daily caseload, hospital bed occupancy, ICU bed occupancy, ventilator occupancy, and daily mortality remained higher in the postmask period.



There was no reduction in per-population daily mortality, hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator occupancy of COVID-19-positive patients attributable to the implementation of a mask-wearing mandate.

Key Words: Bexar County, Texas; coronavirus; county; COVID-19; mask

Key Points

  • On visual examination, cases continued to climb, despite implementing mask orders.

  • We found no reduction in case burden because of the mask order, despite adjustments for measurable confounders.



Study On Natural and Vaccination Immunity

Again, mRNA research was shared in 2020 by medical experts opposed to mass vaccination, warning of the dangers due to ignoring natural immunity and relying on what amounts to potential systematic corporate pharmaceutical drug dependency. Many mRNA studies also suggest the treatment may affect vaccinated persons unborn children.

Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital

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Israelis who had an infection were more protected against the Delta coronavirus variant than those who had an already highly effective COVID-19 vaccine 26 AUG 2021 8:00 PM BY MEREDITH WADMAN A version of this story appeared in Science, Vol 373, Issue 6559. The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably …
Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vitalRead More »


Lawsuits Beginning

Major class actions are based on building from individual cases which bring substantial evidence to court. The first major effort to establish workplace customs, based on accurate scientific information and publicly proven observed and recorded results, moves forward in California.

Medical Ethics, Professor Files Vax Exemption, Employment Lawsuit Anyone Can Use

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Wondering how to remain naturally immune in the face of government and corporate threats against health choice? This lawsuit by ethics professor AARON KHERIATY M.D, is not only a model for anyone looking for their legal rights, it has all the links to the science data needed to win a case.  Vaccine Exemption Do It …
Medical Ethics, Professor Files Vax Exemption, Employment Lawsuit Anyone Can UseRead More »



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