SARS | Biosurveillance and Experimental Chimeras Infect Global Gotham


NWON - SARS-2, CONCLUSIVLY MAN MADE, WITHOUT CONTRAVENING EVIDENCE ( OF WHICH NONE IS PRESENTLY FORTHCOMING) - see the easy to understand analysis and supporting documentation in the article.
A chimera made by EcoHealth Alliance, DARPA and the Wuhan Lab, WIV. What is a chimera and how did we get here? A chimera is a genetic combo.  We have entered the world with the so far limited, but dangerous ability, to augment the genome of the planet and ourselves, at the mutational level. Cellular augmentation tools for creating our own, molecular mutations, organically within our bodies and other species of our environment.

Viral Mutation, and Planetary Biosurveillance

The chimera in the case of SARS, calls into question the very origins of this now world mandating virus. The peer review researchers at D.R.A.S.T.I.C., painstakingly compiled analysis of Covid and SARS. Here is an explanation from their site as to the SARS-2 viral chimera. In as much as this is true, it adds further reinforcement to the argument that SAR-2 was also a lab leak from China, where it was being researched at the time. This is the cut to the chase, conclusive evidence part, here at the front of this article.


The virus appears to be 96.1% similar to a genome RaTG13 which was released by the WIV in January 2020, after the outbreak.

The genome suggests that SARS-COV-2 was a chimera, a mixture between two or more viruses.   This is because the “body” of the SARS-COV-2 is 98% similar to RaTG13 while the “head” of the virus (the tip of the spike protein) is significantly different. 

Such chimeras do occur naturally.  However, the two viruses need to infect the same cells in the same animal.  No host has been found or proposed.  (Evidence that pangolins were involved is now discounted.)

Modern technology makes it relatively easy to create such chimera’s in the laboratory, and this is often performed.  They leave no obvious trace that the genome has been manipulated.  There is no doubt that the WIV was engineering many such chimeras because they proudly published their results.  Shi in 2007 and Baric in 2008 created chimeric viruses based on the SARS virus, with the most influential paper being [Menachery15].  A 2017 WIV paper reported eight chimeric viruses [Hu17].

Yesterday, Project Veritas released this info and a D.A.R.P.A. memo for a deep look into Sars-2-covid origins

Bombshell Project Veritas Exposé Poses Urgent Questions for Fauci and the Entire Pandemic Response


Last night, Project Veritas released a video allegedly exposing classified documents about COVID and the pandemic response. In the video, Project Veritas showed portions of a memo written by Marine Corps Major Joseph P. Murphy about the pandemic origins and response. If the conclusions Murphy drew even approach the truth, political affiliation no longer means anything for anyone who lost a loved one to COVID or cares about someone who suffered a vaccine injury.

The memo confirms the existence of a proposal from EcoHealth Alliance to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). A group that calls itself D.R.A.S.T.I.C. leaked the proposal in Sept. 2021. In 2018, EcoHealth and Dr. Peter Daszak pursued a grant from DARPA under the PREEMPT (PREventing, EMerging Pathogenic Threats) grant opportunity.

Daszak and his team, including Dr. Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina and Dr. Shi Zhengli from...

Read the full  memo written by Marine Corps Major Joseph P. Murphy and View the Proposal

The Sharing Tree Before We Move On

For credit where credit is due, this great, well linked article above from PJ Media was shared on Gab by a user on our social network there. He posts a great question.

⚡⚡Fuhrer-Elect ⚡⚡ Vladdi


Fuhrer-Elect  Vladdi@VLADDI - Musclehead asks: "Is it not true that Hunter Biden's firm Rosemont Seneca was/is a major partner in EcoHealth Alliance? Thus, Hunter and Joe "The Big Guy" Biden are (allegedly) directly responsible for funding the Covid pandemic? Yes, it (allegedly) is."


Bombshell Project Veritas Exposé Poses Urgent Questions for Fauci and the Entire Pandemic Response – PJ Media


Indeed as evidence and lawsuits on known harm from covid policies pile up, the President of the United States is not immune from infectious lawsuits.

The group EcoHealth Alliance and their mission.

| Global Viral, Wildlife, Ecosystem, Biosurveillance Research/Development


That's a mouthful, hard to swallow, so we will chew on it over at the EcoHealth Alliance Site.
If you think that EcoHealth Alliance wants to save the planet or your health, those may or may not be byproducts of their enterprise. What they primarily engage in is surveillance of all virus mutational activity and possibilities of the planetary ecosystem. Then they apply the genetics to creating chimera viral mutations, and seeing if they could replicate naturally. This is done in order to eventually anticipate and counter all planetary viral possibilities of mutation at any time and prevent health and environmental risks. It is also a part of an effort to compile the greater genome map of the entire global ecosystem, including human resource, (that's us) DNA.
Most of their site consists of programs to bring virus study, medical research and care to people around the world. The environmental work is applied to that. Here is one of their examples of wildlife conservation.


Bat Conservation


Program Info


Bats are an ecologically vital group of mammals, representing over 20 percent of all mammalian diversity with more than 1,200 species.  Fruit-eating bats pollinate our trees and disperse seeds – ensuring the health of more than 50 percent of the old world rainforest, while insect eating bats here in the United States are responsible for controlling agricultural pests as well as mosquitoes. Despite how crucial these animals are for healthy ecosystems, bat conservation is not adequately funded, nor pursued.

Bats have also been recognized as reservoirs of several important emerging pathogens that impact human and livestock health, such as Nipah virus, SARS, Ebola, and several other viruses. These viruses have emerged largely due to human activities that alter the environment and bring bats, people, and livestock into closer contact.  Bats are currently being threatened globally by habitat destruction; unabated hunting; and here in the United States, by a deadly fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome, which has decimated populations in the eastern United States and Canada and threatens certain species with extinction.  We face an important challenge in our efforts to protect these important animals from hunting, habitat loss, and disease, while striving to understand the complex situations that cause bat viruses to spill over into human and animal populations and also protect human and domestic animal health.

And from this work on bats and viruses, we get the chimera, SARS-COV-2, infecting the world. Go figure!


Because these research created chimeras are highly toxic and are developed and promoted  by high power players, many with controversial or questionable public politics and policy, often condemned publicly, the lack of public transparency considering the obligation of the public under law to finance major parts of these experiments is alarming . It is likely that any group of people with access to direct and profit from powerful research and products, among whom currently are noted proponents of eugenics, population control and transhumanism, might without proper transparency and public peer review discussions, finance dangerous things from the public's viewpoint, in secret, for profit, power and political control of others.

Project Veritas Release, Memo, D.A.R.P.A., EcoHealth Alliance, Paper Trail | Excerpts

Without strong, document and evidence based refutation by the Fauci team, the debate as to whether this is man made or a natural viral mutation appears to be over. So far it is irrefutably produced in a lab, unless evidence in nature of a one species host of two separate viral genomes, creating a new virus is produced by the Fauci team. If Fauci fails, tremendous lawsuits around the world continue to gain momentum and thus become more real. Potential Damages In The Hundreds Of Billion$$$.




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