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Jumping In To Your New Geoengineered Environment - Getting Your Feet Wet


In our last couple of newsletters, we talked about how government/corporate geoengineering was a common practice, coordinated with the defense department, for many purposes, and not any kind of a conspiracy. But people still think it is a conspiracy theory. This time we thought we’d go the other way with it, and showcase for our more profiteering readers, and the geoengineered, climate change deniers, some of the great opportunities, available for everyday people, and even private aircraft owners, to jump in and make money in this growing business now.


That’s right dear readers. If you own an aircraft, you can cash in on the demand for geoengineering services, right where you live, and Reinette and Matt Roeske of Cultivate Elevate will tell you how it all works.


General Weather Modification, Investor and Aircraft Owner: Things To Know and Do’s And Don’ts


Thinking about investing, getting involved, or perhaps contracting your plane for geoengineering projects? As you will learn, in the video, cities, towns, and private enterprises are working together nationally and globally at many levels, to facilitate geoengineering projects for many needs.



Do take a look at the many projects coordinated in the U.S. and globally with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Marine Pollution: Ocean Dumping | National Oceanic and Atmospheric ...

In October 2013, the Contracting Parties to the London Protocol adopted an amendment (Resolution LP.4(8)) that provides a mechanism for authorizing ...

Raytheon Intelligence and Space to lead new center dedicated to ...

NOAA today announced that Raytheon Intelligence and Space has been chosen to design and develop the Earth Prediction Innovation Center offsite link ...

NOAA Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies

Archived programs; About Congressman José E. Serrano; NOAA Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies ... Primary NOAA Line ...

[PDF] National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA FY 2023 budget advances a Climate-Ready Nation, New Blue Economy ...

The FY 2023 budget will help NOAA better observe environmental phenomena connected to climate change-related impacts and patterns, and deliver ...

Geoengineering as a Response to Climate Change The London Convention ...

In its September 2009 study, Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance and Uncertainty offsite link (2009 Study), the Royal Society of London ...

Working With Private Business


As a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA works with many private companies. Here are a couple mentioned in the video

Weather Modification Incorporated.


Here is a bit of what they do with airplanes.

Introduction of Seeding Agents

Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world's population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years.

Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud's ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has proven that cloud seeding increases the amount of precipitation.

Cloud seeding useful in the following applications:

     Increasing Precipitation

     Mitigating Hail Damage

     Dispersing Fog

Enlist our team of cloud seeding experts.

Whether you are looking for a small operation or a full program, Weather Modification, Inc. can ensure your cloud seeding project runs smoothly. From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft installations, configured for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics, to ground-based seeding equipment and training, Weather Modification, Inc., has the equipment, experience and knowledge you need.

Types of Cloud Seeding:

Make Sunsets Expand Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Opportunities To Private Aircraft Owners


According to Make Sunsets; Current climate efforts need time, a luxury only stratospheric aerosol injection can provide. They continue; We believe that SAI is the immediate, necessary solution to cool the planet and buy us time to transition to a more sustainable future.

Make Sunsets deploys reflective clouds in the stratosphere to cool Earth — a bold solution inspired by volcanic eruptions in nature.

Their premier project is SAI, using an array of balloons. We have launched 28 balloons and offset 4,791 ton-years of warming. With climate change rapidly transforming our world, it's crucial that we prioritize action over words. We believe the best time to field test and scale SAI is now.

Don’t be fooled. Adding aerosol spraying from aircraft will allow climate change the way you want it in many locations across the U.S. for more and more people. Here’s more on these topics covered above from thought leaders in atmospheric modification. The following report will also cover the geopolitical and economic interests involved in climate-changing our world, Matt and Reinette will fill you in on the geoengineering opportunities, plus update you on the current development of weather modification as a weapon of warfare. Civilian warfare tactics are now successfully targeting U.S. territory and selected civilian areas, to further the Green Agenda and begin establishing environmental justice. Senum's Foghorn Express Where The Land Was Zapped: Matt Roeske Lays Out Lahaina Truths & Newly Emerged Satellite Images Tell a Dark Story Watch now (53 mins) | Matt Roeske from, who has been prolific in putting out Instagram posts regarding information on Nikola Tesla technology, EMF dangers, electroculture, Tartaria, and more, has now been nailing it around the horrific Lahaina attack —because that is what it was — an attack. It becomes more apparent day by day… Read more 3 days ago · 131 likes · 159 comments · Reinette Senum

The Lahaina residents are pretty sure they were targeted, and they think they know why.


The Business of Controlling Climate Change, Planetary Resources, Food, and the Human Condition


As both Matt and Reinette, can tell you, the climate is going to change one way or the other anyway. There’s an old saying. Everybody’s talking about the weather, but nobody’s doing anything about it. An old saying indeed. The weather was and still is in some circles, a boring story, but an icebreaker and a familiar custom. Now people can talk about how weather efforts in their community are making a difference in climate change, and environmental justice. Even justifiable, climate change weather warfare, will be talked about. One city or nation, seeds to stop the rain and instigates an unusual monsoon 1,000 miles away. Then that city needs to seed to stop the deluge and so forth till the locations without the weather modification equipment get the climate change effects. The internet and other casinos may soon offer single bets, and 10-dollar on-up spreads, for wagering on climate change winners and losers, once public options are more widely known.

See the rest of our article here.

Jumping Into Your New Geoengineered Environment

Getting Your Feet Wet

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