A major aspect of this exploration in the article occurred to me and I thought I would just throw it up at the top. It will be written as though you have already read through the article. It was a bit obvious so I'm not sure how I missed it in the article. Pretty sure it must have been one of the crypto inventors' central conclusions.

GOLD/CRYPTO Intrinsic Value, A Central Point - Difference/Similarity

Gold because of its unique composition is virtually indestructible as a currency. Crypto on the other hand can be turned off with the flick of a tyrannical switch or a major solar hiccup from a flare aimed at earth and wammo kabammo, no more crypto. Simple as that. With gold, however, the earth could melt down and freeze up twice, and if there were any people around, there would still be gold to trade. This is the central beautiful point of gold's intrinsic value. BIG DIFFERENCE right. 

So How Do the Blockchain and Crypto Compose an Intrinsic Value of Currency?

Gold and Crypto are the Yin and Yang of Intrinsic value. Gold is yang. Crypto is yin. Gold derives its value from its physically formed substance in nature. Crypto derives its value from its mathematical formation in nature. BIG DIFFERENCE right.

With gold, you need a physical infrastructure beginning with pathways. roads, bridges, water travel, etc., to make gold a meaningful unit of exchange. Crypto is an upper layer of that infrastructure that allows math to have the meaning as a medium of exchange in our energy-dependent world.

Now the article

09850f2d3beecdb46ed8a80b040c18cac106548f1f38d3ec97bbef19be8c2df5.jpgAlrighty then. Time to begin again with my usual disclaimer, reinvented for this article. That is that I and my site, are invested in crypto. This is not a run for the hills article. It is a, hold fast to what you know and can prove, then act accordingly sort of deal. My talent so far in publishing is to state my confusion and sometimes ramble through it and yet, stay ahead of the curve informationally about 6 mo. to 2 years ahead of events I analyze. This is my crypto stretch at prediction. It's a companion article to my evolving crypto series on the future of crypto and energy from now, and in the next 1, to 80 years. That's as far as I can go with seeing ahead on this subject.



We lose electric capacity across the globe at the end of the article. However, if we act wisely now, it is more likely not to be permanent or total in all areas of the planet. It could even be reduced to a systematically minor disruption. Electricity and crypto can be saved. Data storage devices can be shielded. Another warning is that there is a lot of science that goes along with this subject. That is why this is a companion article to -


That way, I don't have to repeat the basic science on this. I know. I trend a bit to the lazy side when I can. If however, you read the article linked above already, then there is the benefit to you, that you don't have to read the same stuff twice. So it works out.


1st Thing |Math, Like Gold, A Natural Resource. When Functioning In A Stable Electric Energy Environment It Forms;



b88a1193ad518b949609a8359dcd6746d6dd844b14522939a89dcf01ad32399e.pngElectricity and energy are to crypto as gold is to the elements of metal. Gold is an elemental form that is in a sense, off of the elemental chart. It is made in a unique pressurized relationship to hydrogenic energies of the sun, created special from combined earth elements to form gold at the core and mantle of the earth. Then it begins surfacing on the terrain. It is unique. It can be combined singularly with other elements, as in a silver setting. But it will not combine or mix to form another molecular structure with other elements.

So too, crypto is a form of energy unique in that it is derived from the electrical field of the planet, harnessed and structured into a grid mixed with the ingenuity of the People to form a mathematical value relative to all energy produced and computed. In an analogous electrical energy periodic table of elements, crypto is a unique form of energy in the computer family of electric elements. As gold derives its intrinsic value from the purity of its molecular structure. Crypto derives its intrinsic value from the purity of its mathematical structure.c0b706affd34b2397cbf38f5421c4d33d4964a87b97bea430e6077ba76ecff60.jpg

The price and value of gold are based on its purity, the amount that the earth and sun can produce over time, availability, and what it costs to mine. The value and price of crypto are based on its functional math purity, the amount of total crypto that can be generated and sustained within the market, and the cost of mining it.

A big difference in the intrinsic value of gold relative to crypto however is that crypto sustains an extra upfront production cost, which may prove to be exponentially higher than gold. The sun and earth due to constant changes in climate over time, produce gold for free. The electrical field of earth and enterprise of man produces an initial cost in producing an environmentally sustainable grid for electrical production and exchange of crypto. Also, there is a transaction difference in cost due to energy needs. With gold, you walk up to someone and hand it to them. You don't need to generate electricity.

This is a summary of the first thing to know.



The intrinsic price of crypto is integrally tied to its ability to influence the overall cost of its own energy production, overall computing power, and even sustainment of the electrical grid, which is intrinsically necessary for its very existence. Crypto in a sense must sustain electricity to survive. So it can be its own worse enemy or best friend. It should be a small wonder that when Bitcoin and Ethereum were looking stronger and moving ever higher, the price of crude was nearly half of today's cost. It would be simplistic to suggest that energy cost is the only factor in the present crypto slump. But consider. Big banks, hedge funds, and small nations over the last 12 months are increasingly investing and speculating in the blockchains. The cost of energy is on the minds of large investors and nations analyzing anything using oil. or gas which produces a majority of the world's electricity.

Therefore the activities of the People as applied to energy, in general, is part of the intrinsic value that can be factored into the crypto and the blockchain equation. Crises, both manufactured and real, such as wars, pandemics, as well as shortages of energy itself, all will affect the value of crypto and the blockchains. Therefore again, the challenge for crypto and the blockchain, in general, is to influence at least in some way its own energy cost. Also, crypto can, through the intrinsic power and purity of its math be further applied to products, and services in the general market. Crypto in a sense will maintain a part of its intrinsic value relative to its influence on energy management, production, and sustainable availability.


Costs rising


The overriding challenge for crypto to influence energy cost and production, in general, is that every single token and blockchain solution would have to code almost as an energy team to influence real activity in the broader energy market. How this interactive coding could even be done in a decentralized environment is above my pay grade. I just write basic little articles I hope will inspire the big brains among us. Hopefully like yours. But as in, Field of Dreams, "If you build it they will come." If every coder on the globe designs energy enhancement considerations into the blockchain solution they are working on. the intrinsic integrity and quality of the math will in and of itself when applied to open source checking across blockchains, create real solutions over time.


This is because crypto is undercapitalized relative to the broader markets. The entire capitalization of every blockchain cryptocurrency is equal to 1 Microsoft. This is the value of every cryptocurrency, the crypto marketplace in total, and it is being traded by central banks global investment banks and funds that hold 3 or more times the value of 1 Microsoft. If Microsoft alone tried to significantly alter the price of energy, it would have a difficult time, without aligning with others of similar market strength. But because of the intrinsic value and integrity of blockchain math, crypto does not need to align with others in the traditional business sense. The intrinsic value of blockchain math speaks for itself and encourages others to align with it for more efficiency.

As the blockchain is applied in concert with the energy needed to produce it and energy solutions in general, all players in all markets dependent on energy will be influenced to enhance their capitalization with crypto solutions. We see banks using blockchain solutions for financing, corporations inventing blockchain games, and so forth. Crypto does not have to align with anything but perfect mathematical integrity, which is the nature of crypto. The capitalization of Microsoft, coupled with potential new capitalization as energy blockchain solutions are created would likely be enough to allow today's crypto to begin influencing energy costs. If it can potentially influence the broader energy market, it will enhance the ability to produce electricity and better sustain cheap energy supply and thus cheaper crypto production costs on a global scale.


3rd Thing | CRYPTO. ENERGY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT91d05074e8ef7c92c3e62048fcc5906749bef34af6c97673fb31e763a5b8561c.png

The earth, sun, interplanetary magnetic field, and the galaxy, all allow us to have a stable environment to produce electricity, for a limited time, unless we are very resourceful. If we are very resourceful, we get to keep electricity during the unstable environmental cycles that appear to hit the earth hard about every 6,000 years, Evidence is growing that every 12,000 years we get a micronova event or some sort of major catalyst, sparking a species extinction event. Then, very approx., every 164,000 years or so the data is not clear on the precise cycle, we get a big mamma jamma.

We are close to the big MAMMA JAMMA, but the consensus is we're not going to hit it in our immediate six to twelve-thousand-year future. We are however a mite over 6,000 years since the last 6,000-year cycle and a little over 12,000 years away from the last 12,000 years ago, climate changer. Strong evidence of events similar to 12,000 years ago exists today on earth. Notably, the planet has lost approx 20% of its protective magnetic field strength over the last 160 years, and the magnetic poles are shifting considerably. This is not good for electrical stability, relative to the weaknesses in our current production and delivery infrastructure.

Then There Is the Carrington Event

Not a climate changer, but a proven electricity disruptor of major proportions. The event is tracked to occur, approximately every 150 to 200 years. The last one, in 1859, melted telegraph lines and knocked out most of the power in Europe and America. Data on shielding is hard to come by, but it doesn't look good in terms of satellites. Most are likely not well shielded. A Carrington event is when the sun delivers an X-class flare in the magnitude of 40 and above.

The 6,000-year and 12,000-year cycles need more data to confirm their exact conditions and indicators within a timeline trackable for the earth. Significant data confirming our entrance into the 12,000-year cycle currently includes the earth's polar shift, weakening magnetic field strength, and speed up of earth's rotation. If these and other conditions continue to trend in the same direction, predictions are a significant climate event occurs before the end of this century.

The Carrington Event is a virtual certainty

This however is very real anticipated between now and the next 20 years. Many believe it will more likely occur during the next solar maximum, beginning in 13 years. We are now in the last two years of a solar maximum cycle. Then begins solar minimum for 11 years. Solar maximum and minimum comprise a 22-year cycle. Crypto will be disrupted. However, we have the technology to make it much less harmful to our civilization in general and crypto specifically. The general scientific consensus is that if we harness our investment and research efforts to shielding, storage, and rebuilding now, the Carrington event will be a costly but rebuildable, sustainable event in many areas, and could result in a minor 1-year rebuild back to 75%+ of present capacity if we start now.

If we don't start now it will be a HOT MESS!

Some links for you


We’re Overdue For The 150-year Carrington Event -

Why America Should Suddenly Prepare For A Billion-Dollar ‘Internet Apocalypse’ Caused By The Sun 

12,000 AND 6,000 YEAR CYCLES

CLIMATE FORCING | Our Future is Cold

615621499ce272491355dd91e8b94586a2f59c9ab3d14b0f215b2098a78fc680.pngCurrent political energy policy solutions

There are many candidates running in key primary elections across the nation that understand crypto and have sound energy solutions. Many are not from the 2 major parties or are party underdogs. Outstanding among these is a California candidate for governor Reinette Senum. She is a seasoned politician running as an independent. Reinette is a graduated environmentalist whose energy strategies are based on successful multi-energy platforms, including oil and renewables, with provable outcomes from many parts of the nation. Many similar ideas are offered by many other candidates in upcoming U.S. primaries with sound energy solutions. A well-informed outline of these types of strategies can be found in Reinette's California Contract, which offers a provable data-oriented energy plan that forms a foundational structure containing the kind of research and inspiration that will be required for outcome-based crypto solutions going forward.

If there is a candidate in your area who understands energy policies, your vote on your primary day is the best chance politically, to cast a vote for change that will count in the general election.


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