Receive Zilliqa's Governance Token (gZIL) When You Claim ZIL in Atomic Wallet

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 14 Nov 2020


Not long ago, I shared an update regarding $ZIL staking in Atomic Wallet's non-custodial wallet. Few weeks after the announcement, Atomic Wallet has finally added support for Zilliqa governance token - $gZIL.

ZIL holder staking in the wallet will receive 0.001 gZIL for every 1 ZIL claimed from staking. All these actions can be executed on the wallet's intuitive interface.

Zilliqa happens to be one of the top assets available for staking in Atomic Wallet. Others include Atomic Wallet's own native token - $AWC, Band, Tezos, and a few more.

According to a tweet reply, Atomic Wallet is working on adding support for Cardano (ADA) and ICON (ICX) staking. These assets are much anticipated and I will personally love to see them on one of the best crypto wallets.

Join over 5000 holders by delegating your ZIL to Atomic Wallet's seed node today!

For more info about ZIL staking, visit

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