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Zilliqa, launched in 2017, is a project that has received a lot of attention for its technical solutions to prominent issues with current problems with blockchain development including scalability and security.After launching through testnets in 2018, Zilliqa launched its mainnet version in January 2019. 

The Zilliqa network aims to address the aforementioned problems with the sharding technique - an upgrade that the Ethereum project is itself working on. Sharding is a solution to the issue of scalability, and the team states that Zilliqa can achieve 2,488 transactions per second. 

The team have also designed their own language named Scilla. The team claim it is more secure than other programming languages, and will not result in the loss of funds through a smart contract exploit. The last distinct feature of Zilliqa is its consensus algorithm, which is a more eco-friendly variant of the Proof-of-Work algorithm, and also rewards miners in a more distributed manner. 

Zilliqa has also been working on establishing an ecosystem on the platform, stating that they are working on enabling developers to create marketplaces, peer-to-peer trade platforms, exchange mechanisms and much more. The list of ecosystem partners include: Mindshare, a dapp that addresses issues with digital advertising; and Bluzelle, a high security decentralized database. The team also offers grants to developers to help them build new applications.

Zilliqa is currently focusing its development efforts on 3 major initiatives: improvements to the core protocol, enhancements to the Scilla development language and support for higher level languages. These milestones are slated for completion by the end of 2019.

In this tag, read Zilliqa (ZIL) news, price predictions, opinions and analyses created by users.

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Zilliqa is the world’s first blockchain to implement sharding on its mainnet. Image Source By the way, what is sharding? Sharding in blockchain technology is the protocol of splitting and storing a single logical dataset among multiple databases; di...

ZIL Shows Weakness, DGB and NANO Reclaim Key Levels - (TA - 14th of April)

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Despite being at an ATH, Zilliqa (ZIL) has shown considerable weakness. While LaunchZone listed the liquidity mining pair of ZIL/BNB on April 13, this has not had any effect on the price so far. Digibyte (DGB) has broken out from a horizontal res...

Token Talks

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  There is a new project on Zilliqa ecosystem called Token Talks   The project focuses on AMA and Promo session - there is plenty of people that are doing that you might think so what is so special about Token Talks? The difference is in the structur...

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It's been a crazy run! I bought Zilliqa back in 8th January with the price of around 0.07$ and held it ever since!If you think that I just held it and didn't put it into work, you must be very ignorant or new into this world. Immediately after buying...

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Man must not depend on one source of income! Those words touched me when the COVID-19 pandemic caused closure of many companies and leading to the retrenchment of many people. That meant that the source of income for those who lost jobs ceased, and t...

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If you've been staking Zilliqa since 2020 then you may have noticed the governance token gZIL showing up in your wallet. There's a finite supply and runs through nearly the end of 2021. If you're wonder what to do with them, here's an option other th...

Zilliqa (ZIL), The token with great potential

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If you go through the CoinMarketCap, you realize that there are about 4456 coins and tokens in existence. CoinMarketCap arranges the coins and tokens according to their marketcap and Bitcoins lead with a market cap of $985,226,590,994 14:00 hrs GMT +...