Quick Guide: Setting your wallet on Publish0x to receive earning in Atomic Wallet

Quick Guide: Setting your wallet on Publish0x to receive earning in Atomic Wallet

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 2 May 2020

In response to one of the comments to my posts on how to convert your earned $BAT, $LRC and $DAI to any of the top cryptos, I had to publish this tutorial and I promise to make it simple and easy to understand. Now let's get to work! 

Things you should know

BAT, LRC and DAI are all ERC-20 tokens powered by Ethereum thus conforms to ERC-20 standards. This makes it possible to receive the above mentioned tokens in your wallet using an ethereum address.  In simple terms, you are going to need the same ETH address to receive BAT, LRC, DAI and ethereum-based tokens.

Atomic Wallet support Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens whereas some require you to manually add as custom token. Fortunately for we Publish0x community, Atomic Wallet saves us the headache of adding a custom token which can be challenging for some of us.

Getting your Ethereum/ERC-20 Address From Atomic Wallet 

Search for the asset (BAT, LRC or DAI) you want to withdraw from Publish0x. In this tutorial we are going to use LRC, however the address we are going to copy can be used to receive BAT and DAI as well. 


Tap on the asset (LCR) and the next page will display your transaction history, LRC balance which I have nothing at the moment :( and its equivalence in USD. You can go to settings to change the currency to a different currency of your choice. 

Locate and tap on the "RECEIVE" button as indicated in the image below:


Next, tap on the "COPY" button which is also below your screen to copy your address to clipboard. 


All set, we now have our ethereum address and ready to receive our earnings from Publish0x. 

Updating your wallet Address on Publish0x

This is the last part and there are other useful tutorials that covers this part but to save you the search let me quickly touch on it. 

From your Profile go to "settings" and switch to the "Wallets" tab. 


Paste the ETH address you copied into the field and click on "save". 


Publish0x will then send you an email to confirm your action and once done, everything should be fine. A successful message will pop up to confirm the process.

See also: Step by step Guide On How To Create An EOS Account  

Download Atomic Wallet 

Be sure to use Promo code: "PW7TJ" to get free $AWC on sign up. 

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