Atomic Wallet - Get rewarded for exchanging BAT, LRC, DAI for ETH or BTC

Atomic Wallet - Get rewarded for exchanging BAT, LRC, DAI for ETH or BTC

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 22 Apr 2020




At some point in time in our Publish0x journey, we may have to choose a wallet to receive and mange our earnings. This is mostly common to new entrants into the crypto space and have been lucky to have found Publish0x to start their crypto adventure. This process can sometimes be challenging as there are a lot of wallets in the market. In this post, we're going to look further into Atomic Wallet and why it's a good option to better manage the list of assets($BAT, $LRC, $DAI) available for payout on Publish0x.

About Atomic Wallet 

Atomic Wallet is a universal, non custodial crypto wallet that offers asset and portfolio management, staking, buy crypto and exchange services. With Atomic Wallet your private key is encrypted and never leaves your device. You can send, receive, store and stake over 500 coins and tokens. Currently supported on most operating systems and devices, meaning you can simultaneously use it on your MAC, WINDOWS and Linux PCs as well as android or IOS devices.

A wallet of convinience 

As a publish0x user you are likely to receive you earnings in any of these cryptos: $BAT, $LRC & $DAI. Atomic Wallet makes it possible to manage these assets in a more convenient way and most importantly in one place. You don't need to have distinct Wallet for each of them. 


Appealing and intuitive interface to manange your $DAI and other cryptos. 


Receive BAT and other cryptos by sending you public address to your sender or using the QR code option. 


Send LRC and many other cryptos via QR Code or using the recipient's public address or blockchain domain.

Hustle-free & Instant Exchange 

With this service provided by Atomic Wallet and its partners, users can exchange one crypto to another. Once your Publish0x earnings drop in your wallet you can Instantly exchange them to BTC, ETH and others stable coins like Binance USD (BUSD). The service is not limited to only these mentioned cryptos but a wide range of supported assets which we can't mention all in this post.


You can exchange as low as $2 worth of tokens or coins with this service. The good news is that BAT, LRC and DAI are all supported.

Another thing I will like to add is the Atomic Wallet membership program. If you look below the image above, you will realize I am entitled to 0.04435484 AWC reward. This is what the membership program is all about - rewarding users of the exchange service. You receive up to 1% cash back for exchanging your crypto in the Wallet. You just need to hold a minimum of 1000 AWC in your wallet to be eligible. Remember the larger the order and your AWC holdings, the bigger your reward. Learn about Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) Token 

Final thought

Now that you know about Atomic Wallet and its features, I guess you already in a hurry to go get yours. Maximise you Publish0x Earnings by using Atomic Wallet's inbuilt exchange to receive more reward. Besides, the Wallet is decentralised and secured. You can even trade on Loopring decentralized exchange with Atomic Wallet via Walletconnect which I'm preparing a tutorial on. Stay tuned for more update.

Download Atomic Wallet:

Desktop Version

Android Version

Apple IOS Version


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