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BAT and ZEC added to Binance Savings' "Flexible Deposits"

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 24 Apr 2020


Banince Savings has added BAT and ZEC to Flexible Deposits - a value-added service to Binance users who would love to HODL their assets and in return, receive interest at competitive rates. In a news published on their blog earlier today, Binance announced to support the above listed assets with a max individual limits of 65,000,000 for BAT and 300, 000 for ZEC holders. 

About Binance Flexible Savings

As the name implies, Flexible Savings is a convinient and simple way to lend and earn with your cryptocurrencies. Similar to a traditional savings account, the service offers a crypto savings account that earns interest and has a flexible and immediate withdrawal option. 

The service allows users to subscribe to a product and earn interest by lending their funds to Binance margin. A daily interest incurring account with the flexibility to redeem your funds at anytime and anyday. Funds are also credited in real time.

How it works

Subscribe to a Binance Savings Product with any of the supported assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and now Basic Attention Token (BAT).


Hold your funds in Binance Savings product you've subscribed to and grow your money over time with accruing interest.

Receive interest everyday which is applicable to only flexible savings and on redemption date for locked savings.

What does this mean for BAT holders 

BAT holders and even traders can now put their idle tokens to use. With this hustle free service, the BAT community with just few clicks would be able subscribe to a Binance Savings product and receive daily interest. Another opportunity to increase your monthly earnings in addition to Publish0x and Brave.

To sum everything up, being part of the few robust assets available for this service could in a way or the other help in adoption and  possibly get new believers on board.

Over to you cherished readers, how do you think BAT and Brave will be affect by the ntegration?

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