Bitmex Faces New Competitor.

If you have a look at bitmex and the website visits you can clearly see over the last 90 days people are less and less interested in

bitmex or less and less people are actually trading on bitmex.



But if we go over to Bybit right now which is a newer leverage trading platform and so far they have not really done any mistakes so

far they're progressing they're moving on and so on and they're even paying a better Commission and look at what's happening over

there over the last 90 days more and more people are actually interested in Bybit in on the website ranks in here on Alexa.


You can see bybit is getting closer and closer we are here almost an 18,000 a little bit better than 17,106 and here's 15,583 for bitmex.

So the race among leveraged trading platforms is definitely on and it would not be a surprise to me if Bybit at one point would

actually surpass bitmex I've never thought that is ever going to happen and I'm still very doubtful because I think the big traders

they're interested in liquidity and so far the highest liquidity is still on bitmex and not on Bybit.




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