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Bitcoin bank accounts now available for Europe

First of all i have one question ask yourself why are so many companies out there trying everything to get licenses to offer become products and so on there are so many out there and now I have news from Europe.


Berlin-based crypto banking startup batouala has announced the launch of their Bitcoin banking app for iOS and Android customers in

all 31 countries of the European Economic Area can now open a German bank account with integrated Bitcoin wallet and training

within minutes set the company in a statement and this is all fully regulated so what I'm trying to tell it in here is that mainstream

hype is getting started again and that will not happen before new all-time highs in my personal opinion maybe it takes even more

maybe Bitcoin has to be at 30-40 thousand before people start to realize hey I have to get in there right and those people at the very

beginning they will not install a hardware wallet there's absolutely no chance they will not be using crypto steals and stamping

in their private keys into metal just in case there's going to be a fire or flood or whatever right those people they will just use their

credit card and buy Bitcoin on I don't even know what service it will be then but yeah they will leave their Bitcoin on exchange it's

pretty sure about that we will be trying to tell them they should not be doing that but most of the people will actually do that.



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