Bad News For Privacy Coin Holders !!

The first time when I saw exchanges delisting privacy coins. I was like 99% sure okay I'm not gonna go into privacy coins because

well of course they cannot ban them they cannot track it but they can tell exchanges hey you are violating the FATF rulings with your

privacy coin listings you have to remove them otherwise they just gonna go against exchanges that's actually quite simple so forthose

people who don't know the FATF rules.



This was basically the first guidelines were the first rules were we knew this will actually come and here you can see under the new

guidance the required information for each transfer includes the originators name then the originators account number where such an

account is used to process transactions originators physical geographical address.


So basically what exchanges have to do under the FATF ruling is tying your kyc information to every transaction so if you were doing

something illegal the authorities can just ask the exchange what were you actually doing where were you sending your money and of

course privacy coins like in here it says Monero Zcash and well they are violating those FATF rules because you can do private

transactions yeah so it looks like OKEx is dlisting very big cryptocurrencies.



I mean if you think about the market capitalization and the whole listing I mean Monero Zcash and - those were absolute top all coins

back in 2017 when I started with cryptocurrencies I mean pretty much everyone was talking about those all coins as the main privacy

coins and yeah right now they're not just getting delisted from OKEx.

I'm pretty sure that other exchanges will follow so be careful with your privacy coins.





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