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Hello everyone! In this article you will discover useful nutritional tips about breakfast and how important it is for the whole day.

Breakfast is a very important meal of our day as it comes first to supply us with energy! Etymologically, breakfast comes by composing the words "break" + "fast", which means "interruption" + "fasting", respectively. So, breakfast is really this meal that comes to interrupt the long fast that our body does, during sleep and to give our body the right energy to start its day and be able to meet its challenges!

Try with 2 simple ingredients to make a breakfast that will supply you with all the necessary nutrients you need!


Whole grain breakfast cereals and milk

With the largest percentage in the composition of whole grains holding carbohydrates (~ 70%), the body is supplied directly with energy! In fact, if they combine wheat and oats in the same product, then you increase the nutritional value of your breakfast even more. Then, the vegetable proteins (~ 10%) that it contains - in addition to the energy they offer - increase the feeling of satiety, which means that you will be full better and faster. In the end, with fiber (~ 7%) taking care of gut health, you will get a better mood and well-being. Make sure only the breakfast cereals you choose have an increased percentage of whole grains!

On the other side, you all know very well that milk and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium, which is essential for bone health. In addition, they will provide proteins of high biological value for essential amino acids, but also greater saturation. Undoubtedly, calcium is one of the most important trace elements for the human body. Having a crucial role in the structure of bones and teeth regulates many functions in our body such as the transmission of nerve messages, the function of the heart, the contraction and relaxation of muscles. It is also essential in blood clotting and the function of various metabolic enzymes.

Will you finally eat breakfast tomorrow?

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