Calisthenics exercises 1

Calisthenics exercises 1

In this post i'm gonna analyze some of the basic exercises in calisthenics.

For the beginning we should seperate calisthenics' exercises in two categories. The first category includes these exercises that can be performed without the existence of equipment and the second includes these exercises that demand specific equipment to perform. In the first category, there are exercises like push-ups, handstand, dips using any available stable object, squats and wall sits. The most famous of second category are pull-ups, jamping jacks, dips and muscle ups.

Starting from the basics, push-up is an exercise that enables mostly the core, the chest and triceps. In general, these muscle groups are been training while pushing exercises are performed. Push-up starts from the prone position and is performed by rising and lowering the body using your arms.


Another, pushing exercise is tricep dips. To perform this exercise we need two parallel platforms, surfaces or bars where you put your palms, bracing to lift all of your weight by your hands. Then you move your body up and down by bending at the elbow. It is considered as the best exercise for triceps mass.



There are also exercises that you must pull your body up unlike pushing exercises. The most basic is pull-ups, in which you are hanging from a bar and you are trying to pull your body using your back and your biceps until your chin passes the height of the bar. This exercise strengthens the core and the upper body. 


These where the basics to start doing calisthenics. My next post will contain more advanced exercises, like muscle up and handstand, to take off your skills.

Thanks for your time! 

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