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By Mintiloglaios | WorldOfSportScience | 15 Sep 2020

Today's post is a program for persons that haven't spent time on calisthenics and they are about to start. 

The exercises we're going to use are 1) push-ups, 2) squats, 3) pull-ups and 4)core exercises. All we need is a bar for pull-ups!

It is absolutely logical if you can't do more than 2 or 3 repetitions of pull-ups so find a bar slightly heigher than your height. This way you can do them progressively and day by day you will be improving.

Let's start! 

We'll devide this program into 5 intensive sets. Between the sets we are resting for 2 minutes. If you feel too tired after the first set get a 3 or 4 minutes break. 

A set is going to be consisted of: 

10 push-ups (no matter if you do a little break until they are all 10 done)

10 squats (it is better to fully bend your knees but progressively and slowly as it is possible to injure your knees)

5 pull-ups (try to elevate your body by the help of a jump and then do a negative body lowering. See here the negative pull-up technic)

end the set by performing 20 reps of crunches and strengthen your core. Generally the core is being trained by every calisthenics exercise and it is important to keep it strong for avoiding mistakes and injuries.

And dont forget that after an exhaustive workout we need to feed our muscles with high in protein meals to restore them an be ready for the next workout!

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