Do you live in a free country? The answer could be in Bitcoin

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 11 Aug 2019


Can we really consider ourselves free? At a time when government surveillance and controls have reached unprecedented levels, Bitcoin may be the answer.

You wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, go to the movies or go for a walk, go home and sleep. One usual day in a person's life, you have decided the steps you have taken, and you feel that you have been free to do it… But, are you really free? Bitcoin can help you answer this question.

Sometimes defining freedom can be a difficult task, and for centuries the greatest philosophers of history have spent a good part of their time analyzing what makes us free, and when that freedom is taken away from us.

Freedom is not a concept that can be seen in isolation, it is not something we can have for certain things and for others not as we get used to thinking. Nor is it an excuse to do what we want without thinking of those around us, because while living in society we must understand that our reality is made up of more than one individual.

Do what you want without affecting others, that is the maxim that many defenders of freedom have chosen as their guide and guideline. To be able to do what we want, to make our own decisions in the personal, the loving, the familiar, the labor, the economic, the political, all without harming those around us.

However, although most of our countries are awarded the quality of free (including several of the bloodiest dictatorships, but that is the subject of another debate), can we really consider ourselves free? At a time when government surveillance and controls have reached unprecedented levels, cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, can offer us a guide to analyze if our country is truly free.

Let us analyze the opinion of the political leaders of our country about the Bitcoins, since as representatives of the interests of various sectors of society, these opinions on an issue that no world leader can ignore, give us an idea of ​​the openness that exists in our country towards disruptive ideas like Bitcoin.

More information still gives us the regulatory framework created by these politicians. The more restricted the cryptocurrency market is, the more complicated it is to trade with them and use them in one of the many ways in which we can use Bitcoin, the more we must question whether that State is really free.

And in some countries the point has been reached of imprisoning those who make cryptocurrencies part of their usual economic activities, whether by mining, buying or selling. These activities are criminalized, and those who perform them persecuted.

The regulations are necessary, the State has a function and is to protect society against threats that arise from its bosom or come from abroad, and as long as we do not devise a better mechanism to maintain social stability, the State will have a preponderant place in our lives.

However, in the middle of a social, economic and technological process of gigantic consequences such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an excess of zeal in the regulation of new technologies such as Bitcoin (something that is very easy to happen) would end up inhibiting innovation and the bright opportunities that arise in the immediate future of humanity.

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