Crypto Games: How much they have advanced according to some numbers

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 11 Sep 2019


Blockchain technology is entering through the big door in every aspect of our lives, transforming the world we live in. Whether in health, education, the defense of the environment or finance, blockchains are changing the institutions and mechanisms that until now had been characteristic of our societies.

This Drastic change also includes entertainment, where there are more and more options related to cryptocurrencies, which allow us to have a good laugh, or use hours of our life relaxing and recharging energies to continue our daily work.

The latter sector would include Crypto Games, video games driven by Blockchain technology and, because of this, have their own dynamics different from other video games, with stories, gameplay and characteristics different from that of traditional games.

Lately, this sector has experienced a significant increase in its influence worldwide, gaining in number of players, available games and improving their gameplay. However, in hard figures, how important has this increase been?

On the Web we can observe, a series of figures for the first half of 2019, which shows us the current state that has evolved the Crypto Games ecosystem, which will allow us to have a clearer picture when it comes to comment or Enter this nascent market.


In this table we observe the number of active addresses weekly (courtesy of

The first table provided by NonFungible compares the number of active addresses weekly between 2018 and 2019 in 179 projects that use the ETC-721 standard, followed during these first six months of 2019. As we can see there is a significant increase between the 2018 figures and those obtained in 2019, which coincides with the following table.


Here we see the average weekly transaction volume (courtesy

These two pictures answer two important questions, how many people are playing? and how active are they? clearly observing an increase in the community of players during this period. However, Crypto Games at the end of the day are a business, therefore, we are also interested in knowing how much money players are spending.


Average dollars traded weekly (courtesy

And in this aspect the figures are revealing, showing us a sharp decrease in the amount of dollars traded in these games weekly, becoming a fall of 81.45% between the first and second semester of 2018, a trend that remained in this 2019 .

These figures lead us to a fairly clear conclusion. First, we observe a steady increase in the number of users participating in crypto games, that is, an increase in their community. But at the same time, we see a decrease in the money they invest, which finally translates into the idea that, if at the beginning of 2018 the players were accumulating assets in the games, this 2019 they are making use of them.


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