My YouTube Adventure - I Share A New Full Bodyweight Fitness Class With You

If you follow me on Publish0x -- by the way, I think you should ;) -- you know that

I work as a fitness class instructor.

The C-virus made it impossible for me to do my job in the way I used to. My classes were well-attended before with up to 150 people showing up in person and of course, they were cancelled due to the pandemic -- and they still are. So, I had to adapt to the new situation: I started working out at home, but the thrill, the motivation of standing in front of a group of up to 150 people was missing entirely. I decided to get it back and decided to livestream my fitness classes. I tried several different technical solutions (a post summarizing all that is coming soon) and I ended up with YouTube for livestreaming. In fact, I realized that if I use YouTube for livestreaming, I might as well leave the videos available online and voila - that was the birth of my YouTube channel. 

As you can imagine,

the beginning on YouTube was super hard

-- and it still is. I get hardly any audience and sometimes, I keep asking myself wtf am I doing with my life?! I did not think it would be so hard to give content away for free. :D However, I realize that it takes some time to build an audience and I have met some great people here on Publish0x -- so I keep putting out more content hoping to meet even more amazing people and making the world a better place - one workout at a time. :D

Maybe you will find the content interesting and become part of my audience?

However, there is a catch: I instruct the class in German, but you can follow along even without understanding the words I’m saying -- following the visuals should be sufficient. In fact if you prefer not to hear my voice and just listen to the workout music for motivation, mute the workout video and listen to the playlist instead (link is below).

As the tagline "get in shape, stay in shape" on the thumbnail (for this post) suggests, the class is

suitable for beginners, intermediate and even advanced participants.

However, you might need to take short breaks in between or during the exercises. If you feel like you need to take a break, take it and join back in as soon as you can. :) 

Here is my latest video. It is already the eleventh video of this series on my YouTube channel, but actually, it does not matter which video you use as your first workout. 

Unfortunately, this time I messed up the video quality a bit. So if you prefer a visually more pleasing slightly different version of this workout, check the previous video (Bodyworkout X - the tenth session of the series).

Here is the playlist that you can listen to instead of my voice mixed with the music

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Workout Playlists
Workout Playlists

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