In Need of Motivation? Here is a Song That Will Kick Your (B)A$$!

Do you lack motivation? Do you suffer from low energy? Probably that's because it's effing dark, cold and winter right now -- assuming you live in a northern country like I do...

What can help with that?

I'm no expert, but I experiment a lot. What helped me was a mixture of taking vitamin D3 (preferably with vitamin K2), vitamin B12 (preferably with folic acid), zinc and magnesium. Exposing yourself to light is also a good idea. I bought a daylight lamp. That thing is super bright and it simulates natural sunlight. It really helps.

But all of that costs money...

Yes, that is true. Me being the patron saint of the cheapskates, I also have a remedy that is absolutely free: Music.

But not just any music. It has to push you.

This song does. Have a listen. 3 minutes that will change your mood and might change your life.

Have you heard that song before?

Heck no, you didn't.

Why am I so sure about that?

Because I have just created this version of the song.

Ok, the song existed in a different form already. It is a song by one of my favourite "bands" that publish no-copyright-music on YouTube. The duo is called "NEFFEX" and they produce some great songs.

However, they publish a boatload of songs all the time. That means that some of their songs could need a little more attention to detail if you ask me. That's where I come in.

I took this version of the song

and here is what I did to it:

First of all, the song was too slow for my taste. Therefore, we need to increase its tempo quite a bit. With trial and error I ended up with the result that 8% faster is the sweet spot. However, while 8% works great for almost the entire song, I noticed that the end was way too rushed. To circumvent that, we change the increase in tempo to 6% in the last part of the song while using 8% for the rest.

Ok, the tempo increase is sorted, but...

As the original song is only about 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and we want to increase the tempo by about 8%, we end up with a fast version that is barely longer than 2 minutes. That's way too short. Therefore, we need to make the song longer.

How do we make a song longer?

The easiest way to make a song longer is to repeat a part. Of course, we cannot repeat just any part. We have to find parts that are similar, so that nobody notices the "cuts" which result from copy-pasting a part.

If we listen carefully, we may notice that the original song is similar at 26.598 seconds and at 1 minute and 21.412 seconds. Indeed if we select the part of the song in between those two time frames, we can copy and paste the part seamlessly.

Now, we just need to speed up the result

As I mentioned earlier, we speed up the last part of the song by about 6%. To be exact, the last part starts at 2 minutes and 16.222 seconds. The part before that time can be sped up by about 8%.

As a last step, we cut the silence at the end of the song by a few seconds and voila, the song is done. All we need to do now is to produce a music video with a budget of 0 so that we can upload the song to YouTube. I may explain how to do that in an upcoming article if anybody is interested in that. And as the song is supposed to be motivating and it is about spicy women, we put some spicy women into the video that we find for free on the internet and that we can legally use.


I hope you like my faster, longer, hotter version. Did it kick your bass off the couch and motivate you to work out? Let me know in the comments!


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