Full List of Loopring (LRC) Partnerships and Integrations (2020)

Full List of Loopring (LRC) Partnerships and Integrations (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 31 Mar 2020

Hey guys :) Today I present to you a comprehensive list of partnerships and collaborations for, what I believe to be, one of the most revolutionary projects in crypto – Loopring (LRC).

In this piece, I provide a brief overview of Loorping’s partnerships, collaborations, and relayers built on the Loopring protocol. I divulge only the most important details so that you can quickly grasp the depth of these partnerships and more on with your day. 

But before we dive in, let me give you a quick summary of what Loopring is and what it does.

Loopring is an open protocol in which secure, scalable, and non-custodial decentralized exchanges can be built. DEXes built on Loopring operate with much higher performance and much lower settlement cost than existing layer-1 Dexes. And if the truth be told, Loopring DEXes operate with the same level of performance as centralized exchanges, only they’re superior in regards to security and privacy. 

All in all, Loopring is a promising cryptocurrency project as it’s revolutionizing the decentralized exchange market and could potentially become a standard. 

That being said, let’s dive into the project’s full list of partnerships, collaborations, and relayers so that you can see how the project has progressed.

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Full List of Partnerships & Collaborations:

  1. Bitfwd (Source)
  2. TokenMarket (Source)
  3. Infinitio (Source)
  4. Changelly (Source)
  5. Chainlink (Source)
  6. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) (Source)
  7. Corl (Source)
  8. SECBIT Labs (Source)
  9. 03 Wallet (Source)
  10. Morpheus Wallet (Source)
  11. YBF Ventures (Source)
  12. Blockchain at Berkeley (Source)
  13. Jibrel Network (Source)


  1. Dolomite.io (Source)
  2. Loopring.io (Source)
  3. WeDEX.io (Source)

Partnerships & Collaborations in Detail:

1. Bitfwd



February 14, 2019: Loopring has collaborated with Sydney-based blockchain community Bitfwd to host workshops, build open-source tools, and help advance decentralized solutions. This collaboration has also resulted in a joint research initiative that’s tasked with building open source, free, products to support the blockchain community.

Bitfwd is a community of cypherpunks, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts that organize an array of blockchain initiatives including: blockathons, workshops, developer sessions, content sessions, and more. The Bitfwd communities are spread across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China.

2. TokenMarket



February 6, 2019: TokenMarket has partnered with Loopring for the purpose of accelerating and advancing the security and transparency of its Security Exchanges. The two companies will work together to launch Loopring 3.0 within Token Market’s upcoming decentralized exchanges (DEXes), located in Europe and the Middle East. The Loopring 3.0 protocol will dramatically increase throughput and improve the speed and cost of TokenMarket’s decentralized exchanges.

TokenMarket is a global investment platform that provides companies with a blockchain-based platform that enables them to raise capital faster. Their platform has helped more than 30 blockchain companies raise over £240 million in total with the issuance of digital tokens to over 250,000 investors.

3. Changelly



March 14, 2019: Loopring has partnered with Changelly to bring the Loopring and Changelly communities together and open LRC to USD and EUR trading channels. With this partnership, users can use their credit cards to purchase LRC directly through Changelly. 

Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange that supports the effortless and instant exchange of more than 140 cryptocurrencies. Changelly was established in 2015 and has since grown tremendously and is known as one of the fastest and simplest ways to exchange cryptocurrencies. 

4. Infinitio Wallet



July 26, 2019: Infinitio has partnered with Loopring to integrate Loopring's protocol for decentralized token exchange into the Infinito blockchain platform. With the Loopring protocol interaction, developers and businesses will be able to quickly and easily build decentralized exchanges. 

Infinitio Wallet is an all-in-one mobile cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and dapp browser that supports more than 2000+ coins and tokens. The Infinitio Wallet has a vision to bring blockchain mass adoption to businesses and consumers by providing them with leading blockchain products and services.

5. Chainlink



December 27, 2019: Chainlink and Loopring have collaborated across several oracle integrations in Loopring’s v3 zkRollup DEX protocol. The first result of this collaboration is an LRC/ETH price feed for DEX owners. Additionally, the collaboration will include:

  • The leveraging of Chainlink oracles to inform protocol-level security parameters
  • Loopring-based DEXes referencing Chainlink price feeds
  • Loopring-based DEXes to provide inputs into Chainlink’s oracle network

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides smart contracts on any blockchain with secure and reliable data inputs and outputs. Chainlink connects smart contrast to real-world data through external APIs and provides end-to-end reliability for smart contracts. Chainlink oracles are being utilized by a wide variety of businesses and cryptocurrency projects utilizing smart contracts. 

6. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hong Kong



August 11, 2018: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hong Kong has formed a joint research initiative with Loopring in an effort to understand the key factors for building confidence and trust in future crypto ecosystems. The specific areas of focus include standards and practices related to security tokens, stablecoins, and the enabling of blockchains in general.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hong Kong is an organization that provides businesses and organizations with professional services that solve issues and identify and maximize opportunities. PwC Hong Kong’s mission is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

7. Corl



August 9, 2018: The Loopring Foundation and Corl Financial Technologies Inc. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to list the CORL token on Loopring-based DEXes and form a partnership to further advance the Security token ecosystem. This partnership will see that Loopring builds out further tools infrastructure for the Security token trading ecosystem.

Corl provides investors with a transparent blockchain investing platform that leverages automation and quantified risk management. Founders using Corl’s Security token platform benefit from fast, fairly-priced non-dilutive growth capital and investors receive dividends paid out in ETH. 

8. SECBIT Labs



July 17, 2018: Loopring has secured a strategic partnership with SECBIT Labs to work closely in Loopring Protocol’s design auditing, code review, and formal verification. Additionally, SECBIT Labs will also be the one to provide security auditing services for all ERC20 token smart contracts listed on the Loopring Protocol.

SECBIT Labs is a security auditing company that focuses on smart contract security by presenting a framework for the smart contract lifecycle: design, development, and testing. SECBIT also develops tools and services for auditing from aspects of cryptography, semantics, formal verification, game theory, and compiler.

9. 03 Wallet



March 12, 2018: Loopring entered into a partnership with 03 Wallet which saw that the wallet provides support for Loopring’s LRN airdrops. Additionally, the partnerships included an agreement for Loopring to collaborate with 03 to bring a decentralized trading experience to the NEO ecosystem.

03 Wallet is a mobile hot wallet that provides a gateway to the NEO smart economy. It enables users to safely store NEO digital assets and claim GAS as well as to interact with the NEO smart economy in a safe, secure, and user-friendly way. The 03 wallet is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

10. Morpheus Wallet



March 7, 2018: Loopring entered into an expansive partnership with Morpheus wallet to create an integrated solution on the NEO Smart Economy and Ethereum Blockchain. The integration solution allows ERC and NEP5 tokens to be easily exchanged through the Loopring Protocol. Additionally, the Morpheus Wallet partnership ensured that the wallet supported Loopring (LRN) airdrops.

Morpheus Wallet is a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to receive, store, and send NEO and NEP5 tokens, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Morpheus Wallet is the first universal wallet on the NEO blockchain that supports multiple blockchains on one easy to use platform.

11. YBF Ventures



February 22, 2018: Loopring has partnered with Australia’s YBF Ventures to help facilitate the web’s next major iteration, the shift towards a decentralized web — Web 3.0. The partnership will see that Loopring works in the YBF Fintech Hub to work with other entrepreneurs on the development of core infrastructure and protocols.

YBF Ventures is a company that helps startups to scale, companies to succeed, and corporates to innovate. The company provides its partners with premium coworking spaces, curated communities, and corporate partnership programs focused on tech and innovation.

12. Blockchain at Berkeley



January 9, 2018: Loopring has collaborated with Blockchain at Berkeley to research and test robust Loopring relay infrastructures. Using provided blockchain-based relay network data, researchers at Berkeley analyzed the tradeoff between trust and efficiency and determined the best approach to be taken

Blockchain at Berkeley is an organization on the UC Berkeley campus that specializes in the research, discussion, education, and development of blockchain technology. The organization also helps companies benefit from blockchain technology by identifying use cases, integrating solutions, and building blockchain prototypes. 

13. Jibrel Network



December 15, 2017: Jibrel Network has partnered with Loopring to use its DEX protocol to eliminate counterparty risks in Jibrel Network's CryDR Switch. The partnership will reduce the risk for both traditional and institutional investors by increasing liquidity and equity. As well, Loopring’s protocol integration protects the Jibrel network from swapping bankruptcy and DDOS attacks.

Jibrel Network is a blockchain and smart contract development company that leverages the latest innovations in cryptography, distributed ledger, and smart contract technology to build new and innovative financial networks of the future. The company provides use-case specific blockchain infrastructure components across varying industries including financial services, health tech, and e-governance.


The Loopring protocol enables anyone to create a decentralized exchange. Thus far, there are only two major DEXes built on the Loopring protocol but more are expected to be built as the new Loopring 3.0 protocol provides a remarkable DEX trading experience. 

Moreover, these DEXes can be referred to as “relayers” as a relayer is what hosts, handles, and matches orders, which are ultimately passed through to the Loopring protocol smart contracts for settlement.

See the Loopring relayers below:

1. Dolomite.io


Dolomite.io website homepage


Dolomite.io is a Loopring-based decentralized exchange (DEX) and a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio manager. Dolomite is the first major DEX launched on the Loopring protocol and it provides traders with fast, secure, and liquid trading through the Loopring protocol. The DEX supports a USD fiat gateway, margin trading, a portfolio manager, non-custodial trading with on-chain settlement, and more.

2. Loopring.io


Loopring.io Exchange Interface


Loopring.io is Loopring’s proprietary decentralized exchange (DEX) to the Ethereum community. The Beta1 exchange is based on the Loopring protocol v3.1.1 and is the first publicly accessible zkRollup exchange on the Ethereum mainnet. The Loopring.io DEX is 100% non-custodial, it inherits Ethereum-level security, and it performs at a throughput 1000x greater (and 600x cheaper settlement cost) than the current state of the art layer-1 DEXes.

3. WeDEX.io


WeDEX.io Exchange Interface


WeDEX.io is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that adopted the Loopring 3.0 protocol and zkRollup technology to power the exchange. WeDEX.io benefits from a high throughput of transactions (1400 TPS), low settlement costs, good liquidity, high security, and user-friendly experience. WeDEX is one of the world’s first DEXes built on Loopring 3.0 and is just beginning to gain in popularity.


Hope you enjoyed that read :) Let me know if I have missed any partnerships, integrations, or collaborations in the comment section below.


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