Full List of 2020 IOST Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

By list3r | WordStock | 17 Jun 2020


IOST is a new generation of enterprise blockchain platform which is specifically made to embrace the era of Internet of Services. It has adopted newer technologies such as efficient distributed sharding, node-to-shard protocol, and even a novel Proof of Believability consensus algorithm which is different from the typical PoS or DPoS consensus within other blockchain ecosystems. 

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IOST is an ambitious project that tries to become the next big thing in smart contract platform development. It is competing directly with the top altcoins with its list of DApps and users. Do you want to know the full list of 2020 IOST partnerships, integrations, and collaborations? Let’s just begin right away!

Partnerships and Integrations List:

  1. Chainlink (source)
  2. University of Zurich Blockchain Center (source)
  3. Enterprise Singapore (source)
  4. Lambda (source)
  5. INT (source)
  6. TROY (source)
  7. HyperPay (source)
  8. ditCraft and Vault Wines (source)
  9. FoundGame (source)
  10. Chaitin Technology (source)
  11. PHI (source)
  12. Ehang (source)
  13. Unitopia (source)
  14. Nest (source)
  15. IMDA (source)
  16. DoraHacks (source)
  17. ARPA (source)
  18. DOS Network (source)

Detailed Partnerships and Integrations List:

1. Chainlink



Chainlink is one of the most popular altcoin projects with huge ambitions. They are the leading decentralized oracle solution and they have agreed to partner with IOST to help IOST developers build cross-chain DApps using off-chain information that can be obtained from Chainlink. With this strategic partnership, valuable information like lending platform, package tracking, gambling, or insurance-related stuff can be utilized and leveraged by IOST DApps. This partnership was seen as one of the biggest partnership announcements from the IOST team.

2. University of Zurich Blockchain Center



The University of Zurich Blockchain Center has agreed to explore opportunities together with the IOST team. It all started in January 2020 when two of IOST core team members decided to visit Switzerland. In Switzerland, they went to visit several different business conferences where they eventually met some people from the University of Zurich. During the meetups, they decided to work together because the University of Zurich felt impressed with the IOST technology. After the end of the trip, IOST Foundation announced that there would be many events held together by the University of Zurich Blockchain Center and IOST.

3. Enterprise Singapore



The IOST Foundation also announced a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore, which is the Singaporean government agency championing enterprise development. Enterprise Singapore's main mission is to find and work with innovative and international companies. IOST fits in such profile. The partnership would allow IOST to accelerate enterprise blockchain adoption in the country. The long-term goal will also unlock the value of DLT to help the daily life of Singaporeans.

4. Lambda



Lambda is a decentralized infrastructure startup that tries to bring unlimited data storage options for blockchain solutions. It has decided to partner with IOST to provide horizontal scalability and high transaction throughput for the healthy growth of blockchain technology. The partnership would also allow these projects to collaborate on their tech features and use each other to advance their platforms' security and efficiency.

5. INT



INT Chain is a very experienced startup with specialized focus on enterprise resources and Internet of Things (IoT). For this reason, IOST decided to partner with INT because they saw the potential if INT could get big in the IoT competition. It's widely believed that the combination of blockchain and IoT could become the next big thing in the near future. IOST is certainly hoping that INT Chain would be able to help them fulfill this vision in the field of Internet of Things.




TROY is a global broker with main focus on crypto trading and asset management. IOST has announced its partnership with TROY to explore opportunities in multiple areas which include technology study, mass adoption, DeFi, and development. IOST is the fourth member of TROY's Global Ecological Community Program, which is designed to build a frictionless and integrated crypto trading ecosystem.

7. HyperPay



IOST is known for its core team's interest in the crypto staking economy. Because of this, they also decided to partner with HyperPay, to explore collaborations in the staking economy. Previously, HyperPay has launched IOST staking service which can reach a ROI in IOST staking as high as 16%. With this committed partnership, it's claimed that HyperPay would start creating a series of initiatives, such as IOST asset management, live AMA, and marketing. The idea is to integrate IOST into the HyperPay ecosystem.

8. ditCraft and Vault Wines



ditCraft and Vault Wines are two local projects in the European Market who have shown interest in IOST. It is claimed that ditCraft (a project that has received funding from Crypto Valley Investment Company), would join the IOST ecosystem as one of the strategic partners. This would allow ditCraft to operate its project on top of IOST blockchain. On the other hand, Vault Wines is an European wine production company that tries to mix wine with the blockchain technology. Vault Wines also agreed to cooperate with IOST by utilizing IOST's traceability technology to protect brand reputation, product quality, and consumer rights for Vault Wines.

9. FoundGame



FoundGame is an enterprise-focused game development and operations company who has opened itself to multiple innovative technologies, including blockchain. With this partnership, FoundGame has agreed to develop decentralized game directly on IOST mainnet. Not only that, FoundGame will also provide a node to the IOST network, further decentralizing the IOST ecosystem.

10. Chaitin Technology



The foundation behind IOST has agreed to partner with Chaitin Technology, which is the world's top network information security company. Through this partnership, Chaitin Technology provides network security technical support for IOST network. Not only that, Chaitin Technology also promised to secure the testing services for IOST. Chaitin Technology is an expert startup in exposing and fixing blockchain cybersecurity-related issues.

11. PHI



PHI is a Japanese company with focus on increasing organizational efficiency, productivity, and motivation. Through its partnership with IOST, PHI would develop an autonomous organization service called GUILD. With this GUILD, IOST is hoping to achieve a much better and more productive ecosystem.

12. EHang



EHang is a company based in Guangzhou, China that develops and manufactures autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs) and passenger AAVs which have entered service in China for aerial cinematography, photography and survey missions. Through its collaboration with IOST, EHang would provide flight data integrity and data analytics effectiveness for a new aerospace project in China.

13. Unitopia



Despite the fact that IOST is not as big as Tron, EOS, or Ethereum in the DApp ecosystem, but it still has some decent publishers from Asia that have committed to launch their games and applications on IOST mainnet. One of them is Unitopia. It's a project incubated by Dianhun Blockchain Laboratory, which is a non-profit organization. Unitopia decided to launch two games on IOST and they are called Big Bang and Big Winner. Interestingly, IOST official medium page itself announced this news when the games were launched.

14. NEST



NEST is another DeFi protocol that helps developers to launch their own DeFi products by leveraging the NEST ecosystem. It is written that NEST's Ethereum DApp alone already has over 10,000 users with more than 3,000 collateral loan contracts. NEST has opened its door to IOST where together they would build DeFi apps to transform finance all over the world.

15. IMDA



IOST has been collaborating with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore to develop a seamless data bridge for IOST where different transactions, asset values, and information can be swapped between IOST and Ethereum blockchain. The idea is to have seamless interoperability between the two ecosystems. If the experiment is successful, they plan to integrate other blockchain platforms as well, like Stellar, Tron, and EOS.

16. DoraHacks



IOST core team understands the importance of Indian market. Because of this reason, they are partnering with DoraHacks, which will help them to gain some exposure in India. DoraHacks, as the local partner of IOST in the region, held a hackathon from early May to June 15, 2019. The hope is that this collaboration (between IOST and DoraHacks) would allow the Indian market to understand and adopt IOST's tremendous technology.

17. ARPA



IOST decided to partner with ARPA which is a company with focus on privacy-preserving computation network. With ARPA privacy protection technology, it could offer private data transferring solutions for IOST customers and business clients. With this partnership, IOST team is hoping to promote its technology and ecosystem for its new users, especially those people who are always concerned about privacy protection.

18. DOS Network



DOS Network is a scalable layer-2 network with decentralized oracle services. DOS Network intends to provide real-word data and computing power for various blockchain ecosystems all over the world. The idea here is to link the smart contracts from inside the blockchains with the real-world data and events. DOS Network claims that it could support various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, TRON, QuarkChain and others. It chose to partner with IOST to connect IOST Dapps with real-world data that DOS Network pulls from its oracles.


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