Full List of MakerDAO (MKR/DAI) Partnerships (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 3 Mar 2020

There is no bigger name in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space than MakerDAO. The dual coin system of MKR and DAI has gained a strong reputation in the crypto world and is proven by the nearly $600 million that has been locked in it. 

Both the truly decentralized nature of Maker and the multi-collateral nature of DAI (which was only recently introduced but has already made an impact) has contributed to the incredible growth of the tokens. As a result, several partnerships have been formed and the list below - while not exhaustive - shows the extent of Maker's value in the cryptocurrency market.

List of Partnerships

  1. OKEx (Source)
  2. Althea (Source)
  3. REINNO (Source)
  4. DexFreight/Centrifuge (Source)
  5. The World Bank (Source)
  6. NodeBrick (Source)
  7. Airtm (Source)
  8. Taringa! (Source)
  9. Celer Network (Source)
  10. Xangle.io (Source)
  11. Axie Infinity (Source)
  12. POA Network (Source)
  13. Experimental (Source)
  14. The Giving Block (Source)
  15. VANTA Network/HYCON (Source)
  16. NeedsList (Source)
  17. Wyre (Source)
  18. 18.TradeShift (Source)
  19. Ripio (Source)
  20. A16z (Source)
  21. AirSwap/Fluidity (Source)
  22. Dether (Source)
  23. Request Network (Source)
  24. Shark Relay (Source)
  25. OmiseGO (Source)
  26. Meridio (Source)
  27. Swarmfund (Source)
  28. bZx (Source)
  29. GitCoin and Colony (Source)
  30. GoPax (Source)
  31. Auctus Labs (Source)
  32. Cargox (Source)
  33. StormX (Source)
  34. STK (Source)
  35. Everex (Source)
  36. Lendroid (Source)
  37. Digix (Source)
  38. imToken (Source)

Detailed List of Partnerships

1. OKEx



December 2019: Maker and the exchange OKEx announce a partnership that sees the latter integrating the DAI Savings Rate (a passive income solution) into the exchange. This allows the exchange’s users to deposit DAI and and stake it in directly on the platform, at an interest rate of 4%.

2. Althea



November 2019: Maker and decentralized Internet Service Provider solution Althea to support the latter’s first network launch in Africa, the Abuja Network. The partnership helps Althea’s Abuja Network’s distribution of routers that is controlled by citizens, who can resell bandwidth to neighbors. Maker’s role comes in the form of DAI being the currency of payment.




December 2019: Maker and fintech company REINNO partner to launch interest earning DAI accounts on the latter’s platform. Users can earn up to 8% interest on DAI and these funds are secured by REINNO’s real-estate backed overcollateralized loans. Like many of the other partnerships on this list, the focus is to give users a passive income earning option.

4. DexFreight/Centrifuge



October 2019: Maker, DexFreight and Centrifuge partner to bring DAI collateral to the logistics industry. The partnership naturally focuses on DeFi, with specific goals being the improvement of liquidity and short term financing goals. Invoices for trucking companies can now be used within the DeFi ecosystem and Maker CDPs can be used to borrow DAI against the short term loans.

5. The World Bank



September 2019: Maker and The World Bank partner to educate children in Brazil about the basics of blockchain. This partnership is of a slightly different nature, with the goal being to teach children about finance beyond traditional markets and systems. The children also participate in a hackathon in association with MakerDAO.

6. NodeBrick



September 2019: Maker and South Korean gaming studio NodeBrick partner to bring the DAI stablecoin into the latter’s gaming ecosystem. The NodeBrick lists volatility as a key reason for integrating a stablecoin. The token will be integrated into the studio Infinity Star game, and ideas being envisioned include DAI payment for seasonal items, in-game trading and rewards.

7. Airtm



May 2019: Maker and payment service Airtm partner to integrate DAI into the latter’s selection of payment currencies. As a result, DAI will be available on Airtm’s in-wallet balances for South American citizens. The focus is to help those who are in countries with weak economies, helping them chart out a long term financial future.

8. Taringa!



September 2019: Maker and Argentinian social media company Taringa! announce a partnership that will allow its 27 million strong userbase earn rewards for content creation. These points in turn can be redeemed for DAI. In a country like Argentina, which has a struggling economy, this kind of effort is especially important.

9. Celer Network



July 2019: Maker and scaling solution project Celer Network announce a strategic partnership that will bring DAI to the Celer Network layer-2 scaling platform. Additionally, Celer Network rewarded users who downloaded the CelerX app with up to $10,000 in DAI. As a result of the partnership, CelerX users can make micropayments directly with DAI. The idea is to facilitate everyday payments, which a decentralized stablecoin like DAI excels at.

10. Xangle.io

July 2019: Maker and Xangle join forces to list the former on the latter’s disclosure platform. The platform brings better transparency to the market by providing reliable and accurate information to exchanges and corporations. 

11. Axie Infinity



June 2019: Maker and Axie Infinity partner to pilot a program that combines open finance and non-fungible tokens. Axie Infinity is a blockchain game where users can collect, trade and battle digital  pets. With the partnership, users get these DAI themed pets, or Axies. Axie Infinity says that many people have acquired their first cryptocurrency because of Axie Infinity, and that DAI was a suitable choice for these new entrants.

12. POA Network



October 2018: Maker and POA Network partner for the latter to become the first blockchain to have the native currency be one that is dollar stable. The idea is to have POA’s interoperability and DAI’s stability be used for micropayments, lending, insurance and development. 

13. Experimental



May 2019: Maker and Experimental, a blockchain gaming studio, partner to integrate DAI into the CryptoWars game. This allows players of the game to purchase game assets like skins using DAI, as well as be rewarded in DAI.  

14. The Giving Block



May 2019: Maker and The Giving Block partner to make DAI a token that can impact non profit endeavours. This allows non-profits to benefit from international donations as transfer fees and times are greatly reduced. Additionally, it offers transparency as it is easier to see the source of donations.

15. VANTA Network/HYCON



May 2019: Maker, VANTA Network and HYCON partner to work on a government project that sees local stores and merchants adopt cryptocurrencies for lower fees, faster transactions and greater transparency. 

16. NeedsList



April 2019: Maker and NeedsList partner to form a cryptocurrency solution that would support responses to disasters. The two entities launched a fund where donations could be made in DAI and the program saw thousands of dollars raised for disaster relief.

17. Wyre



August 2018: Maker and cross border payments company Wyre partner to make DAI available as a trading pair on the latter’s payments platform. This allows DAI to become a part of Wyre’s solution to bridge traditional markets and emerging ones, with fiat currencies being able to be converted to DAI.

18. TradeShift



July 2018: Maker and TradeShift partner brings DAI’s credit system to TradeShift’s supply chain focused business platform, with the intention of creating a supply chain liquidity marketplace for businesses, developers and investors. Like the partnership with Centrifuge and DexFreight, businesses can create short-term financing models and resolve growth challenges. Developers can build applications that utilize DAI, while investors can benefit from these applications that focus on real-world assets.

19. Ripio



November 2018: Maker and the Ripio exchange partner to make DAI available on the Ripio exchange. This allows South American users to trade in DAI. Remittances is a big focus for this partnership, with DAI initially being available in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

20. A16z



September 2018: Maker and Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz’s venture capital firm a16z partner inasmuch as the VC firm bought 6% of the MKR’s supply or about $15 million. The VC firm will participate in MakerDAO’s decentralized governance system. But more importantly, MakerDAO will receive operating capital from a16z and full operational support from the firm. Adoption and regulatory support are listed as two key priorities of the partnership.

21. AirSwap/Fluidity



May 2018: Maker and AirSwap partner to make DAI available on decentralized marketplace AirSwap. Although the two parties are in talks about new possibilities that involve DAI on the AirSwap marketplace, for the moment, it’s primarily being used as a medium of exchange on AirSwap.

22. Dether



April 2018: Maker and Dether partner to help merchants and other end users bridge the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies through DAI adoption. Through the Dether Personal App, merchants and users will be able to easily access the crypto market - and sellers will become “Personal Teller Machines”, registering themselves on a map and selling DAI for “any fiat currency.”

23. Request Network



May 2018: Maker and Request Network announce a strategic partnership to increase stability and beat the volatility in cryptocurrency based finance systems. DApps built on top of Request Network can now use DAI for payment - for example, invoices (an important feature of Request Network) can be paid with DAI and thus beat the market’s volatility.

24. Shark Relay



March 2018: Maker and Shark Relay partner to bring DAI to Shark Relay’s relayer. Users can create CDPs on the platform, allowing them to borrow DAI against any supported assets. This includes margin trading applications. 

25. OmiseGO



April 2018: Maker and OmiseGO partner to make DAI available on the OmiseGO DEX. Perhaps more importantly, OmiseGO will become one of the first few options for multi-collateral DAI, letting users borrow DAI against the OMG token. OmiseGO also says that it will store value in both OMG and DAI, and wishes for the OMG token to be a part of the foundation for the DAI stablecoin.

26. Meridio



February 2019: Meridio and Maker announce a partnership that sees DAI integrated into Meridio’s real estate platform. Users on the platform can trade DAI for real estate shares. The use of a dollar backed stablecoin for real estate shares offers stability and the benefits of smart contracts for Meridio’s investors.

27. Swarm Fund



July 2018: Maker and Swarm Fund partner to bring the DAI stablecoin to Swarmfund’s private equity platform. Swarm’s investors can now use DAI to lock in value and purchase securities using the DAI token. The stablecoin now acts as an immediate gateway to real-world assets.

28. bZx



July 2018: Maker and bZx announce a strategic partnership, resulting in several two-ways benefits. DAI can be used as a unit of account for bZx’s margin trading features, bZx is secondary market for DAI and bZx’s iTokens can be used to collateralize CDPs. 

29. GitCoin and Colony



April 2018: Maker, Gitcoin and Colony partner to encourage open source development by rewarding efforts for up to $10,000 in DAI on the Gitcoin platform. The platform had already attracted interest from such projects as Augur, uPort and MetaMask, which led to more DAI bounties being posted.

30. GoPax



April 2018: Maker and Korean exchange GoPax announce a partnership that introduced a new pairing - MKR and the South Korean Won (KRW). Sometime after, DAI became a quote currency, meaning that it can be used to trade against other cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Again, this is a matter of helping users beat the volatility of the market.

31. Auctus Labs



March 2018: Maker and Auctus partner to have Maker join Auctus Labs, a collaborative effort that counts Ethfinex, 0x and Melonproject as its members. The ultimate goal has been stated to be the integration of DAI onto the Auctus Platform. Auctus Labs is an effort to offer better decentralized infrastructure - different members exist for different purposes, such as asset management, decentralized governance, lending and stable assets. A specific example is in helping investors manage their portfolio and volatility through the DAI stablecoin.

32. CargoX



February 2018: Maker and supply chain focused company CargoX partner to bring decentralized technologies to the latter’s supply chain platform. The partnership is similar to the other supply chain focused partnerships that Maker has made. DAI will be used as a means of settlement for transactions and smart contract functionality guarantees that payment will be made. 

33. StormX



December 2019: Maker and decentralized task/gig marketplace StormX partner to make DAI a cryptocurrency that users can get rewarded in on the StormPlay and StormShop applications. Users can also send their DAI to the Maker Vault and make use of the DAI Savings Rate to generate passive income. 

34. STK



May 2018: Maker and STK Global Payments partner to integrate DAI into the STK platform, a cryptocurrency platform that lets users intuitively and easily work with cryptocurrencies on their mobile phone. According to the press release, users can use DAI at more than 37 million merchants worldwide.

35. Everex



July 2019: Maker and Everex partner to bring the DAI stablecoin to Everex’s stablecoin wallet, which is particularly focused on the Asian market. The integration allows DAI to be converted to USD, Euros and the Thai Baht. One of the priorities is to make DAI available to citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia.

36. Lendroid



May 2018: Maker and Lendroid partner to launch Reloanr, a secondary market for DAI. Reloanr allows users to lend their DAI out at a good interest rate. This presents an alternative method for DAI accessibility, while still allowing users to generate passive income.

37. Digix



January 2018: Maker and Digix partner to allow Digix’s DGX token to back DAI tokens. Each of Digix’s DGX tokens is backed by 1 gram of gold, which can be redeemed for real gold. With the partnership, it can be used to collateralize DAI, bringing the best of traditional assets and emerging ones.

38. imToken



May 2018: Maker and imToken partner to integrate DAI onto imToken’s DEX Tokenlon. The latter wishes to add a truly decentralized currency to its exchange to help users overcome volatility. While initially using Tether (USDT), Tether’s lack of transparency made them consider DAI.

List of Partners That Currently Support  MCD 

On top of all the partners that have formally used DAI in some form or the other, below is a list of partners that support the recent upgrade to multi-collateral DAI (that is, DAI backed by an asset other than Ether.)

  1. 1inch
  2. Bamboo Relay
  3. Bitgo
  4. Crypto.com
  5. Coss
  6. DDEX
  7. DeFi Saver
  8. Etherscan
  9. HitBTC
  10. imToken
  11. Instadapp
  12. Kyber Network
  13. LeverJ
  14. LoanScan
  15. Opera
  16. Radar Relay
  17. Switcheo
  18. Uniswap
  19. Upbit

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