Full List NEO (NEO) Partnerships and Collaborations (2020)
Full List NEO (NEO) Partnerships and Collaborations (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 22 Apr 2020

Hey guys :) I’m back with another full list of partnerships and collaborations for yet another promising blockchain and cryptocurrency project – NEO (NEO)

In this piece, I provide a brief overview of all the NEO partnerships I could find so that you can fully grasp the depth of this innovative blockchain project and what role they play in the greater blockchain ecosystem. 

But before we dive in, let me give you a quick summary of what NEO is and what it does.

NEO is considered to be one of the few OG cryptos that’s still around today. It has survived multiple bear markets and thrived through bull markets since the earlier days of crypto in 2014. 

NEO’s vision is to usher in a new smart economy and build the foundation of the next-gen internet by supporting a global dapp ecosystem on its developer-friendly, decentralized, open-source blockchain platform. 

That being said, NEO is an ambitious cryptocurrency project that benefits the greater blockchain ecosystem with its array of partnerships, collaborations, and integrations. 

Now before we dive into NEO’s partnerships and collaborations, be sure to check out my previous partnership series articles on Loopring (LRC) and Algorand (ALGO).

Hope you enjoy the read!

Full List of Partnerships & Collaborations:

  1. Suterusu (Source)
  2. Travala (Source)
  3. TECHFUND Inc. (Source)
  4. Swisscom Blockchain (Source)
  5. Incognito Chain (Source)
  6. TomoChain (Source)
  7. NGI Ledger (Source)
  8. MixMarvel (Source)
  9. Celer Network (Source)
  10. gumi Cryptos Inc. (Source)
  11. Vibe (Source)
  12. Ontology - Cross-chain interoperability protocol development (Source)
  13. Certik (Source)
  14. MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance (Source)
  15. SafePal (Source)
  16. Nahmii (Source)
  17. .NET Foundation (Source)
  18. Cascadia Blockchain Council (Source)
  19. Ontology - Joint Task Force (Source)
  20. 0Chain (Source)

Partnerships and Collaborations in Detail:

1. Suterusu



March 15, 2020: NEO has partnered with Suterusu for the purpose of implementing its second layer privacy solutions into the public NEO blockchain. Suterusu’s privacy solution will increase the privacy of NEO smart contracts, transactions, and data.

Suterusu is a blockchain-based technology company and cryptocurrency that empowers blockchain networks to have state of the art privacy protection over smart contracts, transactions, and data.

2. Travala.com



July 12, 2019: NEO has developed a business partnership with Travala.com to help with Travala’s global growth, marketing, and talent acquisition. As well, NEO aimed to double Travala’s developer team within 6 months from the partnership. 

Travala.com is a blockchain-based travel agency that enables consumers to book 2,000,000+ hotels and accommodations worldwide with a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional payment methods. 




August 8, 2019: NEO has partnered with TECHFUND Inc. to further the adoption of blockchain technology by supporting TECHFUND’s accelerator program and blockchain development tool “ACCEL BaaS”. Startups in this program will receive technology support from NEO and at the same time, TECHFUND has released NEO features in ACCEL BaaS.

TECHFUND Inc. is a company that supports technology startups through investments and accelerator programs. TECHFUND mentors over 300 companies, has developed more than 30 prototypes and has made 10 investments into 10 different companies.

4. Swisscom Blockchain



August 5, 2019: NEO has partnered with Swisscom Blockchain to jointly launch Seraph ID, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework built on the NEO blockchain. Through this partnership, NEO and Swisscom will empower users to take ownership of their identities using the decentralized NEO blockchain platform.

Swisscom Blockchain is a company that designs, builds, and runs distributed ledger solutions for companies. Swisscom blockchain provides its customers with tier 4 banking infrastructure to keep digital custody of information.

5. Incognito Chain



December 6, 2019: Neo has partnered with Incognito Chain to enhance the privacy of the growing NEO ecosystem. Through this partnership, NEO and Incognito Chain will develop a Neo-Incognito bridge to enable complete privacy for all NEO and NEP-5 transactions. 

Incognito is an open-source project that’s dedicated to making cryptocurrencies more private. Incognito enables cryptocurrency users to manage their crypto anonymously with confidential transactions.

6. TomoChain



November 24, 2019: NEO and TomoChain have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate blockchain development in both their ecosystems by attracting users and talented developers. Both NEO and TomoChain will offer events designed to educate and encourage developers to build dapps on their corresponding platforms. 

TomoChain is a public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality and dapp building capabilities. The platform claims to have near-zero fees and transaction confirmation times in under two seconds. 

7. NGI Ledger



November 23, 2019: NEO has partnered with NGI Ledger to help develop and build the next-generation internet. NEO will work alongside a number of other NGI Ledger partner networks, startups, technology development organizations, and blockchain entities such as the Ethereum Foundation and the IOTA Foundation.

NGI Ledger is an EU funded project that empowers people to solve problems using decentralized blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The project provides funding, mentorship, guidance, and collaborations to projects willing to build human-centric solutions where citizens retain control over their data.

8. MixMarvel



September 19, 2019: MixMarvel has partnered with NEO to launch Ground Hunter, a first-person shooter (FPS) game featuring NEO blockchain integration. Through this partnership, NEO and MixMarvel aim to promote the adoption of blockchain-based games and provide gamers with better user experience (UX).

MixMarvel is a global blockchain game publishing platform that guarantees a high degree of decentralization, in-game token economy design, social community development, marketing, operations, and other services.

9. Celer Network



September 18, 2019: NEO and Celer Network have partnered together to integrate Celer Network’s second-layer scaling solutions into NEO’s dApp ecosystem to improve the scalability and usability of NEO dapps. Additionally, the NEO Foundation has agreed to stake CELR tokens and become one of the major nodes on the Celer Network.

Celer Network is an advanced layer-2 scaling platform that aims to bring interactive, secure, and low-cost applications to every blockchain. The Celer Network enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for payments and off-chain smart contracts to make decentralized applications highly scalable.

10. gumi Cryptos Inc



August 21, 2019: NEO and gumi Cryptos Inc have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to provide Japanese market entry support for NEO and promote the Japanese blockchain industry by pushing forward technological advancements and new applications.

gumi Cryptos invests in promising cryptocurrency and blockchain technology companies and provides them with unique access to the Japan cryptocurrency market through its network of investors and management board.

11. Vibe



August 15, 2019: Neo has partnered with Vibe to coordinate on cross-chain communication for the next era of gaming. The partnership was kicked off with the integration of NEO and GAS onto the VIBENet blockchain.

Vibe is a company that uses volumetric video technology to create holographic images for virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR). Additionally, Vibe has a blockchain gaming ecosystem that’s built for users and developers to bridge the gap between gamers and blockchain.

12. Ontology - Cross-chain Interoperability



July 18, 2019: NEO and Ontology have entered another development partnership to develop an interoperable cross-chain protocol. Both NEO and Ontology’s aim for this protocol is to help establish the foundation for the next-gen internet.

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform that enables a decentralized network environment to solve key issues of identity security and data integrity. The goal of Ontology is to enable mainstream blockchain adoption through its development frameworks, infrastructures, and extensions.

13. Certik



August 2, 2018: NEO has partnered with Certik to enhance the security of the NEO blockchain platform. Certik is to provide NEO with tailored solutions to verify NEO digital assets and digital identities. Their collaborative partnership is in preparation for the smart economy revolution.

Certik is an American-based formal verification company for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. Certik provides blockchain companies with secure infrastructure for trustworthy transactions.

14. MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance



February 13, 2020: NEO has joined the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance where they will work together with other members to increase hands-on blockchain developer education at the undergraduate engineering level. NEO will share their experience of building blockchains, running an ecosystem by creating a course curriculum and conducting online and offline courses.

MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance is a consortium of blockchain industry entities that support blockchain education, research, and entrepreneurship. Some ofMouseBelt’s university program partners include institutions such as UCLA, Penn State, Tufts, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Duke, the University of Florida, amongst others. 

15. SafePal



November 14, 2019: Safepal has integrated the NEO cryptocurrency and NEP-5 tokens into its S1 hardware wallet and partnered with NEO to launch an airdrop and reward campaign, with an equivalent of $10,000 available in rewards.

SafePal is a secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider that supports more than 2000 cryptocurrencies for secure storage in its S1 hardware wallet. SafePal’s hardware wallet is mobile-friendly, easy to use, and backed by major crypto industry players. 




October 30, 2019: NEO and Nahmii have entered into a partnership that will focus on improving scalability and interoperability by the end of 2020. The partnership is said to bring increased throughput, lower fees, and faster transactions to NEO as well as interoperability between NEO, Bitcoin, and the Ethereum blockchains.

Nahmii is a layer-2 scaling protocol that provides blockchains with high throughput, low latency, instant finality, and predictable fees.  The protocol comes with a full suite of APIs, SDK, and a CLI toolset so it's easy for developers to implement. With Nahmii, true blockchain interoperability is closer to reality. 

17. .NET Foundation



September 24, 2019: NEO became the first-ever .NET Foundation blockchain member. Through this membership, NEO and .NET Foundation will bring together and empower millions of developers to build the next-gen internet. The .NET Foundation and NEO have a shared commitment to open-source, to developers, and to worldwide community collaboration.

.NET Foundation is a globally open-source non-profit foundation created by Microsoft. The foundation aims to improve open-source software development and collaboration around the .NET Framework. 

18. Cascadia Blockchain Council



May 27, 2019: NEO has joined the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Cascadia Blockchain Council where it will represent the greater blockchain community and contribute to a blockchain bill in Washington, USA. This collaboration is being pursued by NEO to further develop government relations. 

Cascadia Blockchain Council is governed by the WTIA which is an influential co-op of 1100 tech companies that seeks to establish partnerships and good relations with education and government leaders. The Cascadia Blockchain Council represents the greater blockchain community and is made up of blockchain companies and non-blockchain companies including Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon.

19. Ontology - Joint Task Force



May24, 2018: NEO and Ontology have signed an MoU to launch a Joint Task Force that will push forward the development of API standardization, a sharing ecosystem of smart contracts, building open standards for smart contracts, and cross-chain technology innovation. The Joint Task Force is made up of over 10 core developers from NEO and Ontology as well as some selected community members. 

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform that was created by Onchain, the same leading blockchain technology company that founded NEO. Ontology and NEO have a lot of developer overlap as the projects are founded by the same people.

20. 0Chain



March 20, 2018: NEO and 0Chain have entered into a partnership that will see that dapps on the NEO blockchain can move to 0Chain’s off-chain storage dCloud platform to help meet computational needs. With 0Chain, NEO dapps can achieve decentralized computing, record micro-transactions with fast finality, and have a fast guaranteed storage capability.

0Chain is a decentralized cloud storage platform that can be used for the internet of things (IoT), web applications, decentralized applications (dapps), and enterprise apps. 0Chain offers companies 2 products: 0ChainNet – a secure, scalable, permissionless blockchain and 0box – a private cloud storage solution.

Hope you enjoyed that read :) Let me know if I have missed any partnerships, integrations, or collaborations in the comment section below.


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