Suggestions on the publish0x platform: Popular publish0x Articles VS General publish0x Articles!

Suggestions on the publish0x platform: Popular publish0x Articles VS General publish0x Articles!

Popular publish0x articles

Popular articles are displayed on the front page of the website, and they can be kept on the front page for several days. They can be seen by the readers first, increase the reading volume, and bring more benefits to the author. It can be displayed on the homepage based on the number of likes and the amount of rewards! The more likes you get, the more rewards you get, and the greater the chance to display on the cover!

How to ensure the reading of popular publishx articles and general publishx articles?

Popular articles are all displayed on the home page, and readers have gone to see the popular new articles, so they have not been recommended to the home page articles? Generally will be buried, no reading, no income! But the author has carefully written his own article, but it has not been recommended to the home page, so how to ensure the amount of reading?

It is suggested that publishx can guarantee the revenue and reading volume of the popular articles all the time, and also bring the reading volume and revenue to the general articles according to the readers' reading content, favorite news and recommended articles, including the popular articles and general articles!


How to write a popular publishx?

The quality of article content depends on its value to users

To measure the content quality of a website / Web page, the most fundamental point is whether there is value for the target user. For example, in daily life, people often search for information and data. This requires us to change our thinking and judge and analyze from the perspective of users. How can this article / information help me? What's the value? Wait.

In addition, everything is relative, "website content quality" is no exception. Whether the website content is excellent or not is reflected in the comparison with competitors. Compare with competitors, analyze their own disadvantages. How can they do better than they do?

The foundation of article content quality -- originality

Nowadays, although the Internet is in vogue of "bring doctrine", the "brought things" should also be filtered layer by layer. Although the things worth taking are good, most of them have been widely spread on the Internet. As like as two peas, the user can not help thinking, "if you take the whole website content", users will think, "how does your website exactly look like someone else's website, is it a copy of others"? I believe that most users will move the mouse to the upper right corner and click the close button. Therefore, the original content is very necessary and cannot be lacked. This is also the value of your website.

Article content quality and readability of web page

In theory, readability does not affect the quality of content itself, but it cannot be absolute. But why do you say that? Search engines may not need a format. For example, a programmer writes a function of 100 statements, but in one line. The compiler, of course, can read and execute. But if you want others to look at this function, let alone 100 statements, there are 10 statements. I believe many people will faint. So, the importance of readability.

Only a page with a fresh and organized format can embody the value of content. Otherwise, users may just glance at it and abandon it. No matter how "excellent" the content is, no matter how gorgeous the words and sentences are, and no matter how user oriented they are, they will be abandoned by users.

Article content quality is closely related to the goal of the website itself

Each website will have its own target group, otherwise, it will lose its value of existence. All around the target group, the target group oriented, is the premise and foundation of the development of the website, but also the ultimate goal.

Output original and high-quality content, write a popular publish0x article, bring benefits to yourself! Come on, writers!

Suggestions on the publish0x platform  is  end!

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