Suggestions on the publish0x platform: Content Is King

Suggestions on the publish0x platform: Content Is King

Publish0x platform relies on the advantage of blockchain + content to build its own ecosystem, and content will be a powerful survival ability of the platform! I hope that Publish0x platform will develop into a huge ecological content complex in the future, covering all industries, fields and levels.

As shown in the figure: publish0xi s just a platform focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency? Because, in this platform the most popular is this section! Most of what you see is blockchain and cryptocurrency.

No, the Publish0x platform also covers music, photography, art, entertainment, business and technology.

I don't know what the final positioning of the Publish0x platform is. At present, what I see is that it tends to focus on the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency, but people's preference for content platform is more inclined to: in a platform, I can see more content, not only blockchain or cryptocurrency, such as: funny, parenting, education, novels, etc., the more they can provide more categories for readers The more you can stick to your readers and let them meet all their reading needs on one platform, the more successful you will be. What about the other half?

The types of content are rich. What about the authors of the content? How to get the author involved? I suggest thinking about the content recommendation. Don't go to the popular section because the blockchain and cryptocurrency have a high reading volume and a high rate of reward. That's why the authors of other sections or the authors who are going to join lose confidence.

During content recommendation, some algorithms can be customized to recommend articles or videos to the readers according to their preferences, so as to achieve the balance between sections and give the readers a feeling that the original platform understands me!

Here are my suggestions for Publish0x platform content!


What are the next suggestions? Follow me, next post will tell you!


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