Suggestions on the publish0x platform:Head Navigation And Bottom Tags

Suggestions on the publish0x platform:Head Navigation And Bottom Tags

I hope that publish0x platform will develop into a huge ecological content complex in the future, covering all industries, fields and levels.
Let's talk about the head navigation bar and the bottom tab bar in the publishx website.

Head navigation bar

The head navigation bar is crucial to the user experience of a website. When they enter a new website, the head navigation bar is usually the first place they see it. We all know that the user's first impression of your product is very important, because it will always follow the use process, and the first impression cannot be changed.

When we enter the publishx website, we can see more encryption currencies as shown in the figure:



It gives readers a big feeling: This is a website that specializes in cryptocurrency?Publish0x platform is to develop into a complex covering various industries, fields and levels (this is what I hope, or a few authors intended to see, because we don't know the creator's understanding of publish0x), which is totally against this will. Maybe we can make a scalable top navigation bar, which can be divided into industries, fields and so on, and then we can subdivide our specific projects from this category. For example, we can sum up the contents of BTC, ETH, cryptography and so on about the blockchain into the blockchain (how to achieve it needs the efforts of our professional technical team). Although there is a distinction in the separate page of Explore, the areas divided are too general for readers to find out, and there are too few areas in it to show that the network is a complex covering various industries, fields and levels.

So the change has to start with the top navigation bar!

Bottom Tags

The tabs at the bottom of the publish0x platform are always the same, as shown in the following figure:



I feel that there is no new idea, I don't understand the readers, we don't know what they want!

It is suggested to make a dynamic label column, and recommend the label of relevant content to the reader according to the content read by the reader. For example, if a reader has been looking at the content of blockchain, can we recommend BTC, ETH, cryptography, airdrop, etc. to the reader, maybe it can be more specific! By constantly updating the bottom tab to attract readers to read more content and release more traffic, it can not only bring benefits to the author, but also bring more traffic to the publish0xplatform. Why not do this?

This is my advice on the head navigation bar and the bottom tab bar of the publish0xplatform!

Readers, do you think these suggestions will help your reading?

What are the next suggestions? Follow me, next post will tell you!


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