Blockchain + Content is the trend, and publish0x platform will be the hot spot in the future

Blockchain + Content is the trend, and publish0x platform will be the hot spot in the future

With the rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the prevalence of content economy, the generation of content and the traffic transformation generated by it have become a hot topic, which has been enjoyed by new media giants. For example, companies such as youtube, Facebook, twitter, tiktok and other content communication companies have already converted traffic into revenue, and the media level that combines blockchain and content has become even more popular Platform, such as steem, hive, voice, Ono,, and of course, our publish0x platform.

It can be seen that blockchain + content will be the next hotspot or tipping point.

As we all know, blockchain's money is becoming more and more difficult to earn, which is also a trend. It's not that any company can make several times of profits by issuing a currency casually. Novices are getting smarter and smarter. They won't follow you so foolishly, pull a plate for you, and they become professional, or leave the circle directly. So how can blockchain + content platform attract traffic and bring benefits?


Professional operating companies: platform promotion, development of creators, attracting readers, etc

Professional technical talents: maintain the normal operation of blockchain, content judgment and recommended algorithm, etc

Professional self media creators: release professional content (including text, video, voice, etc.)

This is the construction of an ecosystem, and continuous content output is the greatest power of a platform. We hope that our publish0x platform can build its own ecosystem by relying on the advantages of blockchain + content, which will bring benefits to the author as well as increase its own traffic and create benefits.



In order to make our publish0xplatform achieve this goal, I will give my own suggestions on the publish0xplatform in the next few posts.

Follow me to see if these suggestions are the same as you think!


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