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The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 27 Apr 2020

As of 7 AM CTZ 8/24/2020, the trick appears to be dead.  It will still accomplish the achievements, but your tokens will go into the negative after accomplishing the easiest achievements.

I am currently testing new autoroll settings and techniques to see if this trick is still worthwhile, but one thing is likely for sure - it will no longer be a trick you can run 24/7 while barely checking on it.

It was great while it lasted!  I'll note I am still unbanned and close to what may be my final cashout @ 9,000 satoshi's.  I can also vouch that the first achievements can pull a profit in tokens using this method but we're only talking a few hundred Satoshi before it goes negative.  I knew this was only a matter of time.

If I find a way around it, I will let you know - but the site has been heavily nerfed.

Note that Coinpot isn't "destroyed" at all... they've made several upgrades.  If you were getting regular payouts, thank the scammers and trolls in the world for this lost earner - they are losing money too, though.  Morons.

Update: I am experiencing issues (tokens went negative three times now) and I assume it is a heavier buffed update or patch.  If this is the case, this may no longer be worth running and that would be highly unfortunate.

I am investigating the matter now @ 7:20 PM CTZ 8/22/2020.  I will determine if this has been patched, if it is still worth running, and if it is only worth running for the beginning of the UTC day (easiest rewards).

However, I must say - it doesn't look good.  It's been a series of patches ever since someone with loose lips went barking.

Coinpot, however, as I previously stated - will live long on and prosper and only gained popularity/profits because of that rat.

Valid as of 08-21-2020

However, Coinpot buffed the process so it doesn't pay as much.  I can't blame them and I'm just glad it still works at all.

My advice: Reset any rollers that go -150 or more and close your browser and restart the whole process daily, it keeps the rollers fresh.

If you don't, the rollers that go hard negative will sometimes empty your tokens and force you to convert BTC back to tokens - it only slowed me down about a day each of the two times it happened, but hasn't happened since I started watching the rollers for negative variance a few times a day - I haven't had any stalled or stopped rollers since their last update.

Additionally, I created a YouTube video that walks you through the setup process for after you've read this article, understand the method, have made your initial claims, and are ready to start rolling indefinitely:

Hopefully, the legitimate version will grow in popularity and bury the scam versions.  I am going to do another video showing the withdrawal process (I attempted that today but Windows 10 capture cut the video off when I minimized Brave - I am new to videos and this was a quickie!)

I can confirm the trick still pays and only slowed down marginally after site updates; it is beginning to equalize in terms of payments coming in every few days; part of the reason it's slower is that Bitcoin is way up from when I first started.

A new feature was also added to Coinpot's multiplier - Free lottery tickets every time you hit three numbers with the same digits: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.

Now, since your rollers will run 24/7 in this trick, you will end up with hundreds to thousands of free lottery tickets to gamble away per day that serve no other purpose and expire at midnight UTC.  One frustrating thing about teaching others this method is they tended to gamble away the winnings rather than stack it.  Now you can do both with this method without a risk!

Free Tickets 2,014

I just put in over 2,000 free lotto tickets and refreshed the page a moment later and already had more.  Looks like I'll be gambling just to use those up; the payouts on the lotto are impressive when the tickets are free.  I do not advise you to buy any, ever!

Lotto's run every hour so that is up to 24 lotteries you will be able to enter per day, for free, while being paid to get the free tickets.  Yep; I don't gamble - but I am loving that.

Another thing I'll note is that if you see a roller going in the hard negative (beyond -250 tokens), close the page and open the multiplier again to reset it; just make sure to keep the 1:1 ratio even on high and low when you do.  I've noticed more of a negative variance if I do not keep up with this, I believe it is a mild patch - but the trick still works and pays.

The trick has now been confirmed as functional on mobile via a user in the comments, but watch your battery life - this method uses RAM.  Not heavy on the CPU at all though.

Payouts via Litecoin have also been confirmed as functional by another user in the comments, and it does make sense to use LTC as they tend to use really small transaction fees in their payouts which slows down Bitcoin confirmations considerably.  I've had payments pending on Coinbase with 2 confirmations for a few days multiple times and will likely be switching from BTC to LTC myself for that reason.

Either way, it pays.

Happy Earning!

This is the real one.  My reputation relies on it, as always.  There is irrefutable evidence that this pays below in this article; I know how many scam versions of this are out there and that's why I went through a thorough process to prove the real version is safe.

First, for those who COULD keep a secret, I DID NOT want to have to write this, but I found a shotty version on Publish0x with typos, a poor explanation, and ill-intent for Coinpot.  The reason I did not want to write it is simple: I did not want to ruin a good thing for a lot of people who already knew, especially the person who taught me very generously!  This article means harder competition for top prizes, and steady payouts for rollers who use the faucets for loyalties could be at risk unless Coinpot's users make sure Coinpot is making enough money to continue paying for this method.  But, since someone was so inclined to publish complete trash full of misinformation for their own gain, you may as well get it straight from someone with a track record of only posting proven earning methods (wickedthewolf from Publish0x).

There is also now the chance that those of us who already knew this "trick" (it was a semi-secret in inner earning circles) may lose the regular payments, this is highly dependent on how Coinpot reacts to having to pay out more as a result of the information leak.  Being I am one of the people getting paid every 1-3 days, I fall into that demographic.  That's why it's infuriating.  The scammer sold the secret that pays 0.75c to $1 USD every 2-3 days to the public and only made 0.07c in 6+ hours and will likely have his post removed for lying to people and posting inaccurate information to bait referrals; something that will not happen to me because I can back up everything I say here with hard evidence - screenshots step by step, and actual blockchain proof that correlates with my Coinbase wallet are all below.  I am even adding more payment proof as it comes every couple of days (or less, lately).

I don't care if you use my refs or not, I did not bloat this post with them because it isn't about referrals and the 7 coinpot faucets can be easily found on Google.  Many of you already use Coinpot.  If you want to use mine I keep them below my signature at the end of this post, otherwise, they are easy enough to find and all it takes to remove a referral link from a URL is to type in everything but what is after the forward-slash.  Ie; (This isn't a real earning site, it's just an example link) but Instead of just put down - and it removes the referral link; this is the case with most websites.

Warning: Never trust YouTube videos or shotty articles regarding this matter, they are all scams; if they cannot prove this to you beyond a shadow of a doubt then they have no place making a video or writing an article explaining how this "trick" works.  They are simply scammers taking the true technique and leaving out important details so you use their referral links for various sites.  I've reported them to YouTube and Publish0x and I recommend you do the same.  The same goes for redundant articles that give Coinpot a bad name.  Their support sucks, that is 100% true, but they are a paying service and they could evolve into a better one as a result of this information going public; they may see it is the time to evolve!

Warning 2: Coinpot already has enough reasons to ban people; never, ever attempt to use a VPN, proxy, or dedicated IP from a data server to use this method; you will automatically be banned.  It's easy to check for.  Only clean IP addresses will work.

This is NOT "a way to destroy Coinpot" as another person boasted in complete ignorance.  In fact, it's all in the numbers that this technique is NOT even against the rules!

Allow me to explain, in detail, how this works and why it isn't against the rules on Coinpot & will *NOT* destroy Coinpot to reveal.

I'll start with a variety of proof that this is not a scam like all the others.  And I will quickly note Coinpot bans a lot of accounts, is known for poor to non-existent support, and I've been saying to withdraw near the minimum withdrawal limit (10,000 Satoshi's) for months now for this reason; that way if something does go wrong you won't lose a lot of money or waste any time on faucets.

The real Coinpot roller trick consists of pairs of automatic rollers, rolling 24/7 on auto roll; and there are actually multiple ways to configure it that work, but they all operate under the same principle.  The way "the trick" works is all in the achievements and Coinpot tokens.  These are my current stats:
Coinpot Stats 4-26-20

Yep.  Rank 220 just from rollers, allowing ads, and tapping faucets lightly for loyalties.  This is normal, but that is about to change.

Now, let me explain some things.  Coinpot faucets are your starting point, but that doesn't mean you should stop using them for loyalties.  You will need to gather up tokens initially to get the rollers going indefinitely, the reason for this is you are going to cross-bet 1 token at a time at 50% odds, but you need to have the rollers configured properly.  That information is below, but I would read this entire article, or else you may face a ban.

So, take all your faucet claims and convert them to Coinpot tokens until you have at least 800, I was taught to start with 2,000 but I can confirm 800 is enough.  As a general rule, once this is established I always keep 1,000 tokens in my account to buffer variances and random auto-roller stops.  300 tokens, as the hate-rag poster stated is too low of a variable to ensure this will work every time in the beginning, and I'll explain why to that as well!

When you run these rollers properly, you will notice your tokens going up and down throughout the day due to the 50/50 odds.  The more you achieve, the less your profit will be noticeable throughout the day because as easier achievements are checked off, you will eventually reach a point where you are losing tokens to achieve the hardest achievements.

It is still worth running 24/7 if your rollers are configured operating under the proper mathematical principle - the harder achievements pay a lot more and thus cover any losses and then some, every time.  Example:  You see your tokens go from 2,600 to 2,000 after completing the easiest achievements, but after you complete the hardest ones you'll be over 4,000 tokens.  Relax, just make sure your rollers are configured properly and this will not be a problem.  Also, it's 50/50 odds... Some days it goes up instead of down and is probably why the loose-lipped nameless thought it was an acceptable starting point, sometimes it can be!

Now, outside starting out this variance hardly matters because you will -always- make more profits from the rollers satisfying daily, monthly, and all-time achievements which are paid in stars aka 100 coinpot tokens each.  1 token is currently worth more than 1 satoshi, and the rates change with the price of Bitcoin, Bitcoin would need to hit 10,000 for a 1 token to be equal to 1 satoshi; the lower Bitcoin is, the faster this works, and why: You make the same amount of tokens regardless of the current Bitcoin price, but when the price is lower those tokens convert to more Satoshi's faster and thus, you get to the minimum payout faster.  Make sense so far?

However, they sometimes go up and down more than 300 tokens in a short period of time which tells me the person who posted that hasn't been doing this for very long, which is why you could lose your tokens if you don't have enough at first.  I've been at it for months and the guy who taught me has been at it for over a year.

CP Achievements 1

Now, I want you to ask yourself how the above and below is possible if I was doing this any other way.  Hint: It isn't.  Furthermore, in order to even get all of the daily achievements, you HAVE TO KNOW this trick.  It's literally impossible otherwise, and this is why I know it is not against the rules.  More of a poorly kept secret, if anything.  It went to the wrong person who thought he could make a name for himself by selling it for referrals, so now it's going to EVERYONE with more clarity.  He was even telling people in the comments that Coinpot would refund them - that's an outright lie.

The worst scamming behavior is seen on YouTube, but I still expect there to be disciplinary action here on Publish0x where we are actively working to produce quality content, find good content creators both in text and in videos, and weed out scammers.

CP Proof 2

As you can see, almost all of my earnings are from Coinpot tokens?  How else could that be?  Honestly, I couldn't even see a line at the top of those graphs until I picked up a ton of faucet referrals, and those barely make me any money compared to the "trick" method itself, as you can see.  Also, it's more than 2,000 satoshis per day as stated in the false-claim article... I know because even without referrals I was getting withdrawals about every 3 days, depending on what time of the month it was and the current price of Bitcoin, which was even higher when I started.  Once all-time and monthly achievements are satisfied you don't earn as much, so the end of the month is a bit slower, but you still get the daily achievements every single day.

With Bitcoin being up right now, it's also somewhat slower due to the Coinpot token to satoshi conversion ratio; another indication the person who wrote the rag to "destroy Coinpot" has no idea what he's doing or talking about.  There are bugs and things to know about this technique to get the most out of it and not lose all your tokens; ie: the auto rollers occasionally stop, at random, so it's important to check on them throughout the day or they can eat all your tokens and send you back to square one, but don't worry - I found a way around that as well, I'll explain this after the proof of payment and a screenshot process of how the rollers actually work.

I am also ready for another cashout and will illustrate that process at the end, there is an important detail in that explanation to keep this going!

Payment Proof, and a LOT of it (I knew this would be a controversial article but I felt compelled to mitigate damages to Coinpot!):
CP Payment Email Proof

And on Coinbase where they are all sent, including one that was JUST sent (They are good about 48-hour payouts!):
CP CB Proof

There are several payouts from Coinpot in my recent Bitcoin wallet history alone.  Not good enough?  Fair enough, there are a lot of scams out there so I am going the extra mile!  Here are some of the transactions on the blockchain, and these payments only account for my payouts going back 3 weeks!

If you don't feel like digging, this is direct:

You can see the dates and amounts match the requests in my withdrawal emails from Coinpot, as well as my Coinbase wallet.  If you require further validation, I am happy to provide it; just ask for the proof you want and it's done.  But, I think you're getting the picture now - this is legit, and was essentially a poorly kept secret among top earners, and unfortunately scammers would record videos of them winning, cut out important details, and send many people running for the hills after losing all their tokens.

How the auto rollers actually work in the legit method:

You need an equal number of tabs open for low bets and high bets, all set on auto-roll (it helps to have a slight pause, I use 3 seconds) between rolls because you can only have so many rolls per second.

If you attempt to roll too quickly it will give more errors for 500ms (Update 4-28-2020: It appears the first patch came in and they switched it to 250ms, however, the technique still works) and slow down your earnings, yet another sign the person who wrote a hate-rag on this has no idea what he's talking about, and may explain why he earns LESS than I do using the same so-called trick!  It's 1st-grade basic math!  You'll hate every scammer out there when you realize how easy this is, it truly is one of those too good to be true earners, and I hope with our support Coinpot can thrive and continue to payout!

I will show you exactly how my rollers are configured, but I will note that any ratio of 4 or more tabs will achieve roughly the same results.  I opt for 8 tabs, 4 betting high, and 4 betting low at the same 1 token, 50% odds (2x), 24/7 auto rollers.  I've heard most achievements can be achieved using only 2, 1 high and 1 low, but there seems to be a sweet spot with 6 to 8 tabs, with 6 you want 3 low and 3 high, and with 8 you want 4 low and 4 high.

TOO Simple, right? - here are my AutoRoll settings:
CP Autoroll Settings
Unlimited rolls, 3-second breaks, nothing to stop the rollers - except Coinpot's site which lags out occasionally, hence the need for checking on your rollers (you just start the roller again if one or more of them stop!)

I will note sometimes you can go weeks without having rollers stop on you, other times they stop a few times a day.  It all depends on their traffic, and your available RAM.

I run a browser just for this - it works in both Chrome and Brave, but I let it run in Chrome so Coinpot can have their advertising, as well as make daily faucet claims - I figure this makes my account less likely to be sabotaged since I bring in referrals, make claims, and allow ads - they are still making money off of me and therefore would have less of a reason to brick my account, which they do to a LOT of people!  Also, my Brave doesn't get cluttered with the roller tabs this way.  I also keep another window up with all 7 of the coinpot faucets, so between two windows I have Coinpot completely covered.

How it looks in my browser, currently, Chrome:
CP Roller Setup
I run a total of 10 tabs in one window.  The first is my dashboard, the second is my achievements page, and the other 8 are my rollers - 4 "roll low" and 4 "roll high".  If you use this method, it is guaranteed to work; unless Coinpot patches it because that fool decided to spill the beans... I am not happy about that at all - except to see an end for scammers on this matter!

However, since the can of beans is already open, I want you to know how to do this properly.  The hateful, scamming leaker should be permanently banned from both Publish0x and Coinpot, but I am not a moderator.  I will not identify with a clueless nobody and use his nick in my article, it is evident that person is toxic and was hoping to make a quick payday by hurting Coinpot - he is so clueless he doesn't understand he just sent them a lot more business and created potential problems for people who were earning steadily; this will not make you popular in earning circles!  I am writing this so Coinpot will still shine after the secret is released to the public, and so you have all the facts.

And now for the cashout process.  Yea, I literally have a new cashout while I have another pending in Coinbase.  You're welcome ahead of time...  If the person who taught me ever wants to take credit for this method, I am happy to make that person known.  Said person advised me not to share it with anyone but serious earners and I followed the advice until the information was leaked.

The first thing.  Always withdraw at the minimum amount in case something goes wrong, you won't lose much!  But, to prevent having to tap faucets forever to get back to 1,000 tokens - that is what I keep in my Coinpot account at all times, including during the withdrawal process.  I have only ever done Bitcoin withdrawals and while I am sure this works for the other currencies, I never cared to do it and thus have no way to prove it.  Bitcoin withdrawals also have no fee.

So, you actively convert all but 1,000 of your tokens to Bitcoin, this is simple enough and below you'll see I have 2,381 tokens and I simply subtract 1,000 tokens leaving 1,381 for conversion:
CP Convert all but 1000 Tokens

By doing this, you will no longer rely on faucet claims to keep your rollers, rolling.  However, and this IS IMPORTANTCoinpot will ban accounts they catch doing this that are not making daily faucet claims, bringing referrals or in some way making their website money.

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, they can and will ban leeches who do not bring them any money and only take, and it will happen at random.

They ban for less!!!  The least you can do for a service like this is claiming daily faucets and allowing some ads.  You don't have to click on them.

CP Tokens to BTC

From here, I always convert all my faucet claims to Bitcoin right prior to cashing out.  It tends to add 1-2 thousand satoshi's depending on my claims and my referral claim activity.  Either way, it helps to add more satoshi's right before cashout.

Convert all of your faucet claims in Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash to Bitcoin.  This only takes a few moments, though sometimes the site experiences lag, usually in the early mornings and late evenings.  I believe they are working on upgrading their servers but it's a website with extremely high traffic.

CP B4 Conversions

After and ready to withdrawal some Bitcoin:
All Converted Ready to WD

You should note I still have roughly 1,000 Tokens in my account, and my rollers never stopped spinning.  You can also tell I've been doing this long enough to know when my withdrawal limit is reached before the conversions, unlike someone I know - deep sigh...

Now for the latest withdrawal & I will post payment proof within 48 hours just to add to the proof I already have!  Set your withdrawal to maximum, make sure to use a valid BTC receiving address (Coinbase is fine, you can even send your Coinpot earnings to Cointiply to earn 5% APR, I tested it!) and confirm the withdrawal; note that the confirmation emails have taken an hour to show up before, but it's usually in the first 5-10 minutes and is just due to site lag from heavy traffic:
CP WD Confirm 1

You'll be told to go check your email as the link only remains active for 1 hour *after* being sent:
CP Email WD 1

And after a little time, the email shows up and you simply click the link and you will have your funds sent within 48 hours, often less:
WD In Progress

After clicking the confirmation:
WD Approved

Update 4-28-2020: Here is the most recent payout proof, as promised, and it was faster than 48 hours:
Payment Proof Latest
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check direct (easier):

By now you should see this is no scam!  I'll be withdrawing again in 1 day, 2 at the most, and I'll post proof of that too...

Remember if this is abused you will most likely lose your account and your earnings.  It's simple - Coinpot needs to make money to keep paying everyone, and now you've got some serious motivation to do some basic faucet claims in order to keep your continuous cashouts!

Now, I ask that you don't be morons and use this properly.  I only taught one other person this trick prior to this article and they had overnight success that is ongoing.  Continue to make faucet claims, continue to allow ads, and continue to SUPPORT COINPOT.

Below I will show why it's literally impossible to get all the achievements without knowing this trick
; and technically, I am not giving you the final trick that will put you in the top 200 and potentially win you a ton of money - figure it out for yourself (I had too), this just created far more competition as is and I don't seek to earn a bad reputation for making the competition harder for the best earners!  Plus, that secondary technique is very unstable, and this one isn't.

In the achievements they have ones that simply cannot be done without this technique, look particularly at 100,000 multiplier rolls in a day & 300,000 to 1,000,000 tokens *staked* per day.  This technique will get you almost all of the achievements and if I am being honest, while I did figure out how to get the rest, it's not worth the effort unless you want to grind faucets, referrals, the lottery and etc. to compete for the top 10 prizes and the competition is so steep I will never bother, I have a life and other earners:

My all-time achievements:
All Time Achievements
As you can see, I don't have many left, and as you complete these you will see a reduction in earnings over time, however, if you teach people how to ethically use this website you will make up for that in referrals.

Update 4-27-2020 @ 8:45am CTZ - This is what the achievements look like after rollers have been going all night and have knocked down most of the easy ones, as you can see 30,000 multiplier rolls in a day will be reached before tonight no problem:
Rollers slow when achievements get harder

Update 4-29-2020 9:00 AM: I'm putting in for another withdrawal, it was comically barely over 10,000 satoshi at the conversion stage; and I am busy looking at the price of Bitcoin soaring like hot-damn!:
CP Withdrawal 4-29-2020

It took a while to get this last one, this actually came in on 4/29/2020 at 10:11pm but they used a low transaction fee so it took a while for the miners to verify confirmations, but it finally confirmed:
CP P 5-2 1
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

I put this withdrawal in yesterday (5-1-2020) and will post proof within a day or so.  See what I am saying folks?
BTC Latest 5-1-2020

5-3-2020 Payment Proof:
CB CP PP 5-3
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

5-4-2020: Put in for another withdrawal (my 47th one):
CP PP 5-4 Confirmation
More proof of payment inbound...anyone doubting me now?

5-6-2020: Proof of payment
CB PP 5-6
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

Payment #48 is inbound! 5-7-2020:
CP PP 48
It's kind of awesome...

CB CP PP 5-8
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

Next payout within 24 hours.  Do I need to keep them coming or can we all just admit this works now? Lol

Withdrawal #49:
WD 5-9

PP 5-11

And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

Payment #50 next... at this point I am bored with this post and hope people get the point! 5-11-2020:

Payment Proof 5-12-2020:
PP 5-12
And here is the blockchain proof link:

Check directly by viewing my wallet (easier):

That's enough proof unless otherwise requested.  Dead to rights!

I just posted my second proof of payment for HoneyGain as well...which came in under 24 hours from the moment of cashout.  I love it.

Please let me know about your first payouts in the comments, I know this is very close (or already happened) for some of you already!

Again, I implore you to be ethical about this or it could ruin it for everyone; understand that the site needs to make money to pay you.  This "trick" is not against the rules, or the achievements wouldn't be set the way they are.  For this reason, the unnamed idiot was wrong; this will NOT "destroy Coinpot"... it just sent them more business and made earning more of a hassle for everyone else.  No thanks to scammers and trolls, but, I have essentially robbed the scammers from being able to scam anyone else by publishing a true copy that supports Coinpot.

I hope you understand not just how to do this, but why I wrote this article.  If you know my writing at all, you know I do not publish anything that isn't true or cannot be proven irrefutably.  You are welcome!  I take a lot of heat for that sometimes, but that is what integrity is all about:  When you know something is being done wrong and everyone tells you to go along with it, you have to say "No, **** You, I won't go along with your corrupt plans" and sometimes, people hate you for it.  Good riddance.

For those with bad experiences with Coinpot (They have poor support, something they definitely need to work on in order to survive!) - If you are going to bash the service in my comments, why don't you provide proof instead of having a tangent?  The proof above is iron-clad and I can keep bringing you more and more; I plan too, actually.  Also, if you weren't banned and are just struggling to withdraw funds I may be able to help you get them, there are bugs in the withdrawal process I found ways around!

There is additional information in the comments for people who did use this and quickly discovered it works.  I'll update the thread for easier readability based on the types of questions and concerns people post, but for now, I believe it's most important people stick to the given directions until they've been paid and know 100% that this is legit.

I've been converting my Bitcoin to cover recent BAT losses and I also use it to buy ETH for gas for my Publish0x withdrawals on MyCrypto BETA, but it has paid for a great number of things from medication co-pays to hunting licenses, credit card payments to boost my FICO score - you name it... Also, it's an excellent source of income to begin investing at a low level.

I have several good earners but this is one of my top favorites for semi-passive income!  I can think of no better time for this to hit the public than during a pandemic when people are struggling to get by.

As always, I will respond to questions in the comments and I am happy to help others!

-Thomas Wolf

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Honeygain - #1 Passive earner & My article on HoneyGain Legitimacy

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