I built a Tilapia farm with a swimming pool in my basement using only passive cryptocurrency income - LOL!
I built a Tilapia farm with a swimming pool in my basement using only passive cryptocurrency income - LOL!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 15 Mar 2020

I'm not joking...  Pictures below.  Free crypto is now the catalyst for growing my food sustainably!

It occurred to me, as cool as passive income is and HODL'ing is where it is at, I am also a biology/engineering student and love a good hobby.

I started with some blue tilapia from Lakeway Tilapia (they are the #1 hatchery in the USA) and before I knew it I was up to three tanks and in desperate need of a larger tank for grow out.  I couldn't fit an IBC tote down my basement stairs so, I ordered a 500 gallon pool and covered it in corrugated roofing plastic to keep the humidity down, an idea I obtained off of YouTube.

Pool Pond

Raising Tilapia is cheap (once established all you pay for is fish food mostly and the good stuff is ironically inexpensive) and you have the option of running an aquaponics setup and using the fish to grow plants which I've done previously with blue gills which is especially great for water loving plants like lettuces.  The aquaponic components are perfect for growing salad ingredients and herbs for cooking.

I'm now breeding my own stock and have the potential for a start-up business with not much more invested.  Fish farm applications are inexpensive and not very strict.  I even ordered some Nile tilapia fingerlings so I can hybridize them with my blues, but it's still too cold to mail them (tropical fish, african cichlids).

(I woke these guys up for photos so they are like hey I'm trying to sleep here...)

A single tilapia fry
(This is pathetic but a single fry aka baby fish survived, just below the heater on the left - a lonely fry!)  I now have hundreds if not thousands!

That's putting your money to work... I can literally see my satoshi's swimming around getting bigger - after a few months they are already over 6" and within the next few months they will be harvest size with big filets.  It's hilarious, really.

Paid for with nothing but passive income from crypto earnings, took me about four months to set up the whole thing in my spare time; the custom radial flow filter is by far the biggest triumph.  Most of this was tanks bought half-off or better, 8x8x16 cinder blocks and plywood.  The filter was an old 50gallon brine tank for a water conditioner that I repurposed.

I now have a sustainable food supply in house as a result of spending a little time each day on crypto and putting it towards something that could potentially make & save me money as I can sell the fry/fingerlings (baby fish), full grown fish as food, or keep them for food for myself and my family - and I am set up to run aquaponics/hydroponics/soil alongside this but I'm clearing up an aphid rash at the moment first.


Fish swimming in pool

So am I insane?

What do you spend your free crypto on?  Do you make investments such as these?

-Thomas Wolf


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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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