HODL Your Horses! BTC Spiked Again! AND AGAIN!
HODL Your Horses! BTC Spiked Again! AND AGAIN!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 19 Mar 2020

The moment I sat down to see what "the damage was" this morning (03-19-20) I was pleasantly surprised, as I'd hoped pressure points caused people to cash out below value (and likely will 1-5 more times before I cash out) and now the market is holding at $5,780 and just peaked at $5,871


This more than made my investment whole, but I am HODL'ing on for some decent profits!

The number has held steady for several minutes now which indicates to me it wasn't a whale move or it didn't induce as much panic/relief as the last dip and spike.  This tells me there are less scared people than before, which is basic arithmetic.

After 15 minutes the market holds above $5,800:
BTC UP Hold 15 Mins

Next stop $5,900:
Bitcoin Breaks 5900

Bitcoin met siginificant resistance at $5,910 and is now idling around $5,875.  I believe this market price will hold unless some bigger fish decide to move at this moment.

Buyers held the line.  Buy orders came in heavy at $6,000 even and even $6,025!  Prices hold at $5,880 after peaking to $5,923:
Market Peak 5,923

Updated 1:  Currently at $5,765 below the $5,800 mark...but to me this is a good thing, you may thinking "WHY?"


Well, more people who wanted to break even or come close to breaking even or barely make any profit just cashed out and the market is still holding its relative boost.  So, I am content to wait for the next spike!  Cheers!

Update 2: Bitcoin surged again and is soaring at $6,300 currently :)

Update 3: Bitcoin surged again and is currently over $6,900!  Looking good.

Update 4: Now idling at around $6,720, down a bit - understandably so!

I unfortunately had to pull some of my money off for coronavirus-related family health reasons and was only at the $6,000 mark - so I am ******* furious and trying hard to find a way to get money back in the market quickly; while trying not to get sick!

Next stop $7,000?  What do you think?

I'm a strong believer in resilience!

-Thomas Wolf

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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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