Earning Crypto & Investing in Stocks
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Earning Crypto & Investing in Stocks

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 26 Mar 2020

I am currently invested in a variety of cryptocurrencies and have begun "Holding" stocks as well.  The companies are a personal pick but I'll give away FitBit and GoPro as two cheap tech companies that would be good long term investments.

You may think why not just keep my crypto?  Well, I do.  But I do other things, too.  My mother taught me to keep my eggs in more than one basket whenever possible.

Well, I say with the markets being down it's the best time to earn - I actually just woke from a short nap that served as a break; I knocked out three survey panels on Cointiply with 27%-37% in boosts last night, there was an easy $11 - $3.80 above my goal of $7.20 which will buy me a share in Nissan automotive.

I'm able to get boosts that high because of Theorem's added 10% for an hour option and because the admins at Cointiply just decided to give everyone an extra 5% due to being stuck at home via the Coronavirus which is mighty white of them if I don't say so myself.

So it starts out as a "coin" related to USD worth on Cointiply, cashes out to BTC, cashes out to USD, deposits for investment, and goes into stocks.

Here is the TLDR version of how to make $5-10 per day on Cointiply:  Read their FAQ on Boosters & Buying pods, make enough to get some pods.  Activate all of them right before you binge out on surveys - use TheoremReach on site/mobile and TapResearch on mobile - their app works in Bluestacks.  Wham, bam, thank you maam: Proof:
Cointiply Pod Board
22% on offer walls + the current 5% Coronavirus boost + = 27% boosts.  With Theorems added +10% that's a 37% survey boost and that is where 3/4 of my survey money comes from.

Also, Thursdays (Today is Thursday) are known for the most and best paying surveys!

So for me it's going like this:

Cointiply > Coinbase > Paypal/Bank > Brokerage of your choice (I'm using two)

This is a highly debatable method, but I think investing in stocks as well as cryptocurrency takes full advantage of the crash within the realm of an investors potential.

The markets are similar to watch and there is the "downtime" of the new york stock exchange from 9:30AM-4PM EASTERN TIME each day, where prices change based on prospective orders and what happens in the first one hour of trading each day is a wild, wild scene of up and down in every company known to man.  Ever wish you could go back in time and buy stocks in say, Google or Facebook?

Well, I won't have too.  These opportunities are my future, and likely the future for a lot of others.

Stocks pay dividends quarterly.  The dividends are paid in more stocks - it's as if Tezos copied the stock market with their idea to stake because that's exactly what they've been doing in the stock market for ages.  I see a blending of these two worlds, stock exchanges and crypto.

I started with half a dozen shares and I plan to HODL them for a long, long time while accumulating more - the same as I do with crypto :)

In the last three days I am up higher in stocks than I am in BTC with my closest chasing investment being BAT.  I considered seriously cashing out all of my Bitcoin to flip a few stocks, which by definition is just to buy a stock with the intention of selling it for a higher price as soon as possible, usually right when market opens up.

Food for thought, I'm up 10% since yesterday - If I was going to flip stocks now may be a good time to start.  I plan to hold, mostly!

RH Stocks Snap

I don't know about you, but I see some companies the world is going to want around "after the coronavirus/Trump apocalypse".

And this just in, I have unconfirmed COVID-19 with no ability to get tested in my area, now in day two of quarantine.  So yes, I have time on my hands.

-Thomas Wolf


My Earners:
Cointiply - #1 Earner

Coinpot.co Faucets:

All Coinpot Faucets Pay 3 Tokens per claim + the claim amount and all convert to any other for free.  It's all Satoshi's.

HideoutTV - Passively pays you for "watching" videos with ads.
Honeygain - Passively pays you for using your extra bandwidth.  No lag, $5 Signup Bonus.

My Exchanges:

My Brokerages:
Robinhood - Free stock worth up to $200 when you sign up and deposit $100.
Sofi - $50+ Bonuses for new user deposits.

Brave Browser - If you don't already have it you're living under a rock.

Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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