Crypto Surge: Bitcoin, We Believe!
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Crypto Surge: Bitcoin, We Believe!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 6 Apr 2020

In terms of sheer competition, cryptocurrencies are doing wonderful right now in comparison to other markets such as the stock exchange.  I'll note while Bitcoin is responsible for this shift, Stellar is having a Stellar morning because of it.

My Coinbase portfolio is a happy place, my brokerages are sad places overall.  That's okay - I'm in it for the long haul and I am only getting started.  Additionally, crypto is more than making up for it at the moment.

This morning Bitcoin surged to $7,175 and is currently idling at around $7,156.  I expect some people will wake up and happily cash out shortly, or maybe we've finally seen all the scared sellers trying to cash out finally, and limit their ability to bring the market down.

If that is the case, crypto could continue to grow and I am hoping it comes sooner than later.  I really want to see BTC do something unprecedented this year, ie: breaching $21,000.

You can see some serious change potential on Coinbase Pro:
Coinbase Pro Graph 4-6-20

Meanwhile, in the depressing land of entry-level stock investing stocks just went from a hard negative to a similar positive right before the New York exchange opened:
Robinhood Graphs 4-6-20
This doesn't show the before-hours shot which was all in the negative.  It's further up since the market became live.  That is often due to the first market hour of trading which is crazy, though.

To me, this is the most exciting time...especially as I type this Bitcoin just broke its earlier spike!
CBPG 4-6-20
It met resistance at $7,175 as it did before which suggests that is the next hurtle to overcome.

Of course, now we see cashouts.  Bye felicia!

I am still recovering from (unconfirmed) COVID-19 but I intend to watch the markets closely!  Altcoins are doing wonderful as well, I just posted updates on my BAT and Stellar HODL experiment articles.

I also started a third one about Tezos, which I will write about as soon as I get another wind.  I don't know about you guys but I am very sick of being sick and tired, and locked in isolation...

Stay safe everyone.

-Thomas Wolf



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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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