Atomic Wallet: Easy Withdrawals and Staking
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Atomic Wallet: Easy Withdrawals and Staking

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 12 May 2020

This is a neat wallet!  I love the in-house features and style similar to Exodus which I used prior to this, but I find it more functional - plus it has ERC-20 token support meaning you get one address for all your crypto withdrawals here.

I decided to download it because I was having problems with My Crypto Beta, unfortunately.  A lot of lag, transactions failing to go through and costing gas each time; I found their fees excessive and their interface was buggy - I was just happy to get my tokens off of there and into Coinbase and Atomic Wallet.

So, I started by sending my account a little ETH.  I love the notifications being instant on the desktop version.  I have been staking Tezos (XTZ) with Coinbase and I hear this pays better and is more comparative to the return of a hardware wallet, so I converted some Loopring (LRC) to XTZ to begin staking on Atomic as well.  I may buy a Nano X; I have not decided yet, I wanted to see how this went first.

In the process of setting this up, I discovered I like this program for Publish0x withdrawals and conversions, it's as easy as can be.

From LRC to any currency of your choice in moments; I sent a little LRC and ETH over when I made the wallet:

Built-in exchange rates:

The process only took about 10 minutes to finalize for me from sending the LRC to confirming the received XTZ:

Funds moved to the exchange prior to being credited for the trade:

Moments later I have my funds:

I guess it's time to start staking:

So I go to Staking, and then to Tezos:

It's time to choose a baker to delegate your tokens AKA stake with:

I went with the top one (Tezosteam) for the highest potential rate of return at 6.51%:


And that was it, a second later I had staked 1.8012 XTZ to Tezosteam and I will begin getting payments (staking rewards) anywhere from 20-40 days:

I'm really glad I jumped on Publish0x's advice and decided to give this wallet a try.  I know where my withdrawals will be going from now on and I love the integrated staking features.

Additionally, it's an overall clean wallet and beats the hell out of a MetaMask/Beta MyCrypto/MyCrypto Desktop trifecta of hassle, bugs, and high fees.  I believe MyCrypto will be a great service eventually, though.  But, for now, this is the superior option.

The fast conversion can be used for anything so you get paid in what you want... also, they have an Airdrop going on right now!

I plan to add more Tezos to my wallet and see what kind of staking rewards I can get compared to Coinbase.


-Thomas Wolf

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I highly recommend you use Atomic Wallet for all Publish0x withdrawals!

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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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