Benefits of using cryptocurrencies (DAI)

Benefits of using cryptocurrencies (DAI)

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 28 May 2020

DAI is a trusted cryptocurrency and it is considered a game changer due to:

1.For everyone:

USD (Dai) can now be transferred instantly, across borders and without charge (except ETH gas charge).


2.For merchants, merchants:

it is possible to accept Dai with all the benefits of blockchain technology without the risk of huge volatility. For Dai, a merchant could handle direct payments, as if they were receiving cash. If they choose to use third parties, then it only offers value-added services such as e-commerce integration, accounting software and wallet management. But there's no need for a third party to process payments or temporarily hold money - the blockchain itself can handle everything. No one can turn off the ability to receive payments from the seller.

3. For customers:

They no longer have to worry about spending an ever-increasing asset value. Customers do not need to worry about price fluctuations when using DAI.
Finally, some people may ask why you need something like Dai. Did Tether fulfill the purpose of a dollar token? My answer is that Tether, or any other centralized stablecoin, can be hacked, shutdown, stole your money and always works at the level of politics and human error. Indeed, there is a great deal of speculation that Tether is operating fraudulently.

Not so with DAI. As a truly decentralized stablecoin, you only need to trust the blockchain.

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