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2 Of Wands - Get A Goal, Get A Plan, And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

By DRB9490 | Vibration101 | 29 Oct 2021

The 2 Of Wands signify picking a path, getting out of your comfort zone, and broadening your horizons. Being a big fish in a little bowl constricts growth and leads to stagnation. It’s time to move into a bigger bowl, and explore the world! Change and uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but the 2 of Wands show that there’s a whole new world waiting for you. Prepare for this exciting journey as best you can, and then move forward without looking back!

Wands, rods, or staves are one of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana, and correspond with the suit of clubs in a traditional playing card deck. The suit of wands is associated with the element fire of the 4 elements and represent a fiery intensity and inner drive to succeed. There’s a strong masculine characteristic to this suit, which means competition and courage are obvious in many Wand tarot readings. A desire to be heard, understood and praised all correspond to the suit of wands in tarot.

2 Of Wands Meaning & Description

The 2 Of Wands show a man standing on top of a castle wall, dressed like he’s preparing to leave. In his right hand he holds a small globe, and the other hand holds a tall walking stick (Wand) for the upcoming journey. Despite holding the world in his hand, he looks down from the castle wall at the landscape he’s grown so familiar with. The 2nd Wand adjacent to the man connects directly to the castle wall. This suggests that the man isn’t ready to leave his home and face the uncertain journey ahead.

The view from the castle wall show the surrounding villages, the ocean, and tall mountains in the background. This signifies that the upcoming trip will include meeting new and exciting people, emotional and spiritual growth, and experiencing some difficulty along the way. The uncertainty of the path that lay before the man in the 2 Of Wands may be what’s holding him back.

2 Of Wands Meaning

2 Of Wands Keywords


  • Planning

  • Branching Out

  • Progress

  • Decision Making

  • Restlessness

  • Discovery

  • Stay or Leave

  • Comfort Zone

  • Exploration

  • Waiting


  • Uncertainty

  • Fear Of Change

  • Doubt

  • Poor Planning

  • Staying Put

  • Conformity

  • Indecision

  • Safe Bet

  • Path of Least Resistance

  • Stagnation

2 Of Wands Upright

2 Of Wands Upright

Stay where you’re at, and keeping getting what you have or….. Branch out, try something new and uncertain, and get what you’ve always wanted? The 2 of Wands Upright show us how beautiful it is in our own back yard, but that there’s so much more to see, do and experience beyond! We can choose to stay in our small tiny box doing the same thing every day, eating the same food, and living like it’s Groundhogs Day, but where’s the fun in that?!!??! How would you ever know about your favorite Thai restaurant if you were too scared to try something different? What would it be like if Microsoft said: “Windows 98 is fine, everyone’s already used to it, and it’s not broken right?”. The only way to truly know and understand ourselves is to get out of our comfort zone and try new things!

The 2 Of Wands Upright is also a symbol of proper planning and being prepared for what may be next. Change is good, but not when we charge in blindly without considering potential outcomes. I love routine, being on a schedule, and planning for my goals and future because it gives me confidence and courage when I’m faced with adversity. Once you’ve picked a path, you still need to make a plan for how to get there. The 2 Of Wands Upright reminds us that if you fail to plan, then your plan is to fail.

When I think about the 2 Of Wands Upright I’m reminded of the quote by the late great Steve Jobs during a 2005 commencement speech at Stanford. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” You can get a goal, make a plan, and then confidently head toward it’s fulfillment. The path that leads to the manifestation of your goal may go in different directions than what you originally expected. Those ‘detours’ may not make sense now, but they will only once you’ve reached the destination. Roll with the punches, trust that you’re moving forward, and be open to new possibilities!

2 Of Wands Reversed

2 Of Wands Reversed

The 2 Of Wands Reversed signify the boredom and monotony that come from staying inside your bubble. The Upright meaning reflect contentment and complacency, which prevent you from moving forward, the 2 Of Wands Reversed indicates indecision. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, or “FUD“, are holding you back from experiencing everything life has to offer. Don’t be wishy-washy about what you want, or drag your feet on moving forward and make excuses.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’

“I’ll start that tomorrow!” soon turns into “Next Monday….I’m going to start!”, and quickly leads to “At the start of the new year….I’ll get going!”. Before you know it life has passed you by and you’re left asking yourself….”Why didn’t I start sooner?!??!”. Don’t wake up tomorrow living with regret or disappointment because you were too scared to give it your best shot and take a risk. There is no time, except for the time we have….RIGHT NOW!

2 Of Wands Love

2 Of Wands Love

The 2 of Wands Love tarot card is a great example of the relationships we WANT, and the relationships we GET. Do you have a narrow, or broad perspective about who or what you want in a relationship? Are you stuck in a pattern of attracting the same ‘type’ of people to you, or are you willing to broaden your horizon and open up to someone you hadn’t considered before? If you’re single and receive the 2 of Wands Love card then you’re probably trying to decide between two different love interests. If you typically go the ‘safe and secure’ route, maybe it’s time to consider the ‘bad boy’ as a change of pace? This gives you an opportunity to confirm if your ‘comfort zone’ is really right for you, or maybe…… You do have a wild side, and prefer that instead! Give love a chance, we all deserve it.

If you’re in a relationship the meaning for the 2 of Wands Love card is a little trickier. Do you or your partner have one foot in the relationship and one foot out? There may be indecision and uncertainty regarding the relationship, so ask yourself if you’ve truly bought in. The 2 of Wands put heavy emphasis on picking a path, and moving forward with faith and confidence. There’s no sense wasting either one of your time if one of you isn’t fully committed.

2 Of Wands Money

2 Of Wands Money

Drawing the 2 of Wands Money card in a reading indicate stability in regard to your finances, and new potential opportunity in your career. You may find yourself at a job you don’t particularly enjoy, but that’s comfortable and secure. In the back of your mind you know what you’d rather be doing, but haven’t yet made the decision or taken the plunge. Put aside some time to decide where you want to go, and then plan and prepare your next move. Get your ducks in a row so that when opportunity knocks, you’re ready to answer!

The 2 of Wands Money meaning shows stable footing when it comes to your finances. There are no surprises in your budget each month, and you know what to expect money-in, money-out wise. Having this stability in your finances now, will result in building good habits that will serve you later. You’re living within your means when the 2 of Wands Money card appear, which give you the ability to wisely plan for your future.

Do you know where you're at on your journey to the achievement of your goals and aspirations? How are you preparing for reaching the destination? Have you ever had a "roadblock" in life that only made sense to you at a later date? Are you stuck in your comfort zone, or are you opening yourself up to new experiences and possibilities? Let's talk about it! :D

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