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Written intents

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Written intents Please listen what we have to say!Many fight for survival every day. You can see misery wherever you look.Nowadays people love to disguise a crook. About so many lies were already spoken.Thereby whole families became broken. Meanwhile...

Crush your fear

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Crush your fear Children with tears in their eyes.It is time to stop the game of lies! I speak for those who cannot speak!I wake up those who still asleep. Take a leaf from the book of existence.Real love will overcome any distance. I will act for th...

From another perspective

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From another perspective I am everything but perfect!Honestly; I love to speak with a dialect. I am everything but smart!Honestly; I only think with my heart. I am everything but a "grown boy"!Honestly; I love to play for hours with a toy. I am every...

Always again

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Always again A new day, he is born.The last one, I have lost now.In the beginning he is full of hope and so wonderful.Until he's whispering to me; today, it will not be so great. And immediately I'm worried again.What shall I do now, what shall I do...