Gemini Crypto Exchange will add support for BAT, the native token for Brave.
Gemini Crypto Exchange will add support for BAT, the native token for Brave.

Rise and shine is how I see the future of Brave Browser and the native token BAT token, as many users are start seeing how important is the asset and how Brave is changing the way people are watching non intrusive ads and protecting privacy and enhancing security to prevent data stolen turning it one of the most used and appreciated blockchain tools...simple amazing!


The Crypto exchange Gemini will be adding support for BAT and becoming the sixth asset receiving support from the exchange. The BAT token will be added later this month and sources announcing it this monday said users will be able to deposit BAT in Gemini accounts starting on April 24, and trading will be placed after that!

Gemini Crypto exchange already has support for five assets, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and Zcash, turning BAT into their sixth asset with support on the platform once listed will be offered trading pairs such as USD, BTC and ETH. More info concerned this news will be added soon and users from the exchange will need to create new ethereum addresses to be able to deposit BAT, as the existing ones don't support it for now.


The native asset from Brave Browser is almost traded in the major Crypto exchanges worldwide being Coinbase Pro where the asset is more traded also having an excellent support from Coinbase, notable to see that Brave is slowly getting more popular in the world and last mont added more 1 million to their list of users in global scale, turning the monthly active users to 13.5 million and daily active users to 4.3 millions continuing to increase their presence worldwide and becoming one of the most downloaded browsers in the play store.

The pandemic virus COVID-19 is also a great catalyst to adoption of browser worldwide as this quarantined time the world population is in lockdown and looking to diversify the earnings and due to the reward program offered by the Brave Team is very interesting to follow!


To note also certain partnerships that Binance and brave took ensuring the users will buy and sell crypto thru the browsers dashboard!

Time to Hold more BAT and wait to see it explode, not because this listing but because the all environment surrounding the asset and the brave platform!!

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