Bringing mining to mobile devices: HTC partner with Midas Lab to mine XMR direct in the Exodus 1S smartphone.

The Blockchain generation is in constant evolution letting the companies that are building dapps and mobile tools to become more concerned with the decentralized crypto mining taking them to make more partnerships to grant this apps to the public. 

The Taiwanese Technology company HTC and the Midas Lab a design Firm that build ASIC Chip partnered  to allow mining Monero XMR directly in the  EXODUS 1S blockchain smartphone. This partnership was announced this Friday April 10, and the Midas Lab will be responsable to build the App dubbed DeMiner that will be installed in the EXODUS 1s giving permission users to mine directly in a Decentralized way the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency and will be available  to the public in the second quarter of 2020.

The innovative service offered by HTC have advantages in mining crypto thru mobile devices as it will a  secure mining pool and will take the  cryptocurrency to the masses, and with the DeMiner app the smartphone HTC EXODUS 1s will mine even when it's in regular mode or in unplugged stage from the charger! 

Mining XMR with the DeMiner will be more efficiently with the Exodus 1s smartphone as the cryptocurrency focused in privacy is roughly difficult in a desktop earning from the miners almost 0.06 per day by burning 65W of power, which costs  $0.156 daily, and with the app will mine at least $0.0038 of XMR per day on average, while the electricity cost is less than 50% being more cost-effective and more efficient than on PC.

We have seen and hear that crypto exchanges (example of Binance) are planning to have they own mining pool well like giants pools example of among others are on the mining crypto industry where the hashrate is being secured turning difficult to other ones who have desire to enter the market a very arduous task but with the HTC EXODUS 1s solution more people can have the pleasure to mine their own Monero without fearing to not make any income due to the hash power. And also is giving power to the masses that would be mining without needing to be treated by the Giants and turning mining more decentralized.

HTC is leading decentralization thru other levels using mobile devices, and recently they introduced blockchain router that would allow customers to run a full bitcoin node from their home.

The smartphone from the company also a built in many feature that can make them to easily interact with DEX exchanges, are built in with wallets for BTC, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash, the Binance smartphone powered by HTC is incorporated with a native BNB wallet to reference that EXODUS line are full blockchain mobile devices and the native cryptocurrency wallet in those smartphones are dubbed Zion Vault.


**Image credit courtesy of HTC site.

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