Unibright - Digital Asset Holding LLC Partnership

Unibright - Digital Asset Holding LLC Partnership

By Dan | Unibright Unofficial Blog | 17 Jun 2019



Early last week Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt shared an exciting update about a new partnership with the Blockchain/DLT giant Digital Asett Holdings LLC. Best known for Hyperledger and their links to banking and other finance related companies, Unibright are working with them on DAML (Digital Assets Modeling Language). The partnership is already listed on the Digital Assets Partners page, and Unibright is also listed on the DAML Market.



The partnership kicks off with a joint presentation on the 18th of June at Synchronise 2019: Europe. The presentation to will showcase what the Unibright Framework is capable of to hundred of top finance executive and market leaders in DLT and Blockchain for Enterprise. A full list of attendees can be seen at this link. Some really big names will be there, most notable for me are The Bank of England, London Stock Exchange and Bank such as Santander, Barclays, HSBC and so on.






There is a good explanation of exactly who Digital Asset Holdings LLC are on Altcoinbuzz, as well as what is known about the Unibright Partnership so far. It was also featured as part of CryptoZombies latest video where he discusses the partnership (Video skips to Unibright section)

From the graphic you can also see that part of the Unibrigh Team will be at the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam this week. Again this is a great opportunity for Networking and Market Research.





For more information on latest goings on I recommend checking out the latest "Altcoinbuzz Community Speaks" updates, as well as the Digital Asset article on AltcoinBuzz:

Unibright will Present with Digital Asset at Synchronise 2019









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