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Unibright - Digital Asset Holding LLC Partnership

1 day ago Dan $1.71 (1.7238 DAI)

  Early last week Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt shared an exciting update about a new partnership with the Blockchain/DLT giant Digital Asett Holdings LLC. Best known for Hyperledger and their links to banking and other finance related companies, Uni...

Unibright Weekly Update 3 - Batch Tracing Standards, Meet Up and Carbonara

2 weeks ago Dan $2.89 (2.9127 DAI)

  This is the third "weekly update" shared by CTO Stefan Schmidt from Unibright.   The biggest news is the Batch Tracing work they are doing with Novatrace.org to create new industry standards. The Dutch Blockchain Meetup and Workshops go ahead this...

Justin Sun placed winning bid of $4.57M to have lunch with Warren Buffett

2 weeks ago Dan $0.01 (0.0120 DAI)

The Tron CEO Justin Sun surprised many by placing a massive $4.57M winning bid in a charity auction on eBay. The prize? Lunch with the world-renowned Wall Street investor Warren Buffett. The bid to win the annual charity auction was a record-breakin...

Regular Updates from Unibright CTO 27.05.19

2 weeks ago Dan $1.54 (1.5468 DAI)

The Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt has decided to start giving the Unibright more small updates about recent goings on through less formal method, mainly short telegram messages, rather than official blog articles in Medium. The most recent of which is...

Update from Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt 15.05.19

3 weeks ago Dan $2.51 (2.5217 DAI)

Recently Stefan shared a brief update in the telegram, regarding progress with clients and what they were working on. This follows on from the roadmap update for 2019 and beyond.     It is clear that they are attracting some big clients, especially...

Unibright: INATBA

17 Mar 2019 Dan $0.17 (0.1701 DAI)

  Late last year, details about a new Blockchain organisation with links to the EU began to emerge. The first mentions of the "International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications" used the abbreviation IATBA, but this has since been changed...

Summary: The Unibright Token Model

9 Mar 2019 Dan $10.62 (10.6888 DAI)

A Summary of the Unibright Token Model Why make a summary? Previously I wrote a general piece about Unibright, the project and its aims. A question I keep reading in the telegram and elsewhere is about the now infamous “UBT Token Model”. It has been...

Unibright - An introduction

3 Mar 2019 Dan $2.00 (2.0090 DAI)

  Unibright - An introduction Unibright is a project with considerable potential. Their agnostic framework for the integration of existing enterprise systems and blockchain is ground breaking. On top of this their framework has a visual interface fo...