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Unibright: INATBA

1 week ago Dan $0.09 (29.0599 BNTY)

  Late last year, details about a new Blockchain organisation with links to the EU began to emerge. The first mentions of the "International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications" used the abbreviation IATBA, but this has since been changed...

Summary: The Unibright Token Model

2 weeks ago Dan $5.90 (1,809.4310 BNTY)

A Summary of the Unibright Token Model Why make a summary? Previously I wrote a general piece about Unibright, the project and its aims. A question I keep reading in the telegram and elsewhere is about the now infamous “UBT Token Model”. It has been...

Unibright - An introduction

3 weeks ago Dan $1.12 (343.1288 BNTY)

  Unibright - An introduction Unibright is a project with considerable potential. Their agnostic framework for the integration of existing enterprise systems and blockchain is ground breaking. On top of this their framework has a visual interface fo...