Another record month of BRAVE-initiated BAT Purchases!!!

Another record month of BRAVE-initiated BAT Purchases!!!

By trumpman | trumpman | 25 Jul 2020

Got some really, really exciting news today regarding one my favorite crypto bags, BAT. And the thing is, once we take a deeper look in the news, they get even more exciting! 

Yesterday, the BRAVE team announced that in July it bought a total of 1.73M BAT  tokens, which is a new monthly record, since March, when they had bought approximately 1 million tokens. So, that's almost double the tokens. But that's not all! 

Since March, things have changed a bit so BRAVE actually paid almost 3x times the money to make this purchase, or almost half a million dollars, as shown in the sexy graph below:



March $175K vs July $460K. Not bad! [source]

Now, remember this money comes from the ads shown in the BRAVE browser (if the user agrees!) so this probably means BRAVE gets better and better at attracting new ad agencies. As a brave user, my anecdotal experience agrees with this. 

A few months ago I would barely see 4-5 ads a month, but just the past week I have gotten at least ten! And the variety is also great, it's not just crypto stuff anymore. And I guess BRAVE users from other countries like the US see even more ads compare to users from poor countries like mine!

And remember, 70 % of these BAT purchases return to the users of BRAVE. So, if you want to use a safer and faster browser that pays you for something you already do then maybe you want to click the links below to learn more about Brave Browser and BAT:


Via my LeoFinance blog


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