RockeTrade review after 8 days

RockeTrade review after 8 days

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 30 Jun 2020


Hello friends
it's been 8 days since I posted a review of RockeTrade
You can view the article here -
What has changed during that time and what are my interim experiences.
I must say that I am extremely satisfied for the time being.

Daily profit is around 2.5% and for the last 24h stats.
💰 + 3,145% profit with reinvest option off

It can be inserted in USDT or TRX
I have invested $ 50 +15 and it will cost about $ 2 a day (although the robot also has losing trades)

So for now, I'm more than happy.

The conditions with the selection there are but are understandable for a starting project.

Join now and earn money :-) -

Easy login via Tronlink -

Deposit with own risk



Join RockeTrade -

THX for tip and share 
My TRX address is TFjtdqQ11uYWXf1uDUqzjZJf4hpzid8KRM

With Regards 


Hi I'm a crypto fan, Living in Czech Republic


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