Rocketrade - EFFECTIVE AI TRADING BOT (1-5% daily)

Rocketrade - EFFECTIVE AI TRADING BOT (1-5% daily)

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 17 Jun 2020

What is Rocketrade?

Innovative technologies in trading

Development of the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning together with the talent of our engineers has led to the creation of a unique trading bot with an algorithm which continues developing, changing, and analyzing thousands of ready signals every second. This makes it possible to adapt to new conditions in the market and gain a fantastic profit from it

The algorithm is reliable, tested and is making a consistent profit. Invest with us and get constant income every day

Join and get a consistent everyday profit with the Rocketrade


Profit distribution

How is the profit distributed?

Rocketrade attracts investors' funds which are used for trading by an investment bot, the profit from trade is divided between the investors and the platform. The trading bot trades for a long time and makes a stable daily income of 1-5%, this is the profit intended for the investor

  • 15% for the platform
  • 15% for the referral program
  • 70% for the investor*

* It may be increased up to 80% due to an increase of the investment amount. In this case the platform commission decreases down to 5%, see FAQ: Investment Levels

The amount of investments is constantly growing
(including private investments)
3,178,035 INVESTED TRX

Join and get a consistent everyday profit with the Rocketrade


Why to invest with Rocketrade?

In order to get a stable income in the size of 1-5% of the investment amount every day thanks to our trading bot

In which currencies can I invest?

At the moment, in USDT and TRX. In the future Rocketrade team plans to add ETH, BTC, and other currencies

How to start making investments?

Quite simple! Click here to enter your Dasboard, then click the Invest button and select an investment amount. Our trading bot will do all the rest

Below, in the table, you can observe the history of transactions which are made by our bot in the real time


May I withdraw my invested funds?

Yes. However, at the current early stage of the project development there is a freeze period. During this period you can sell your tokens at the rate of 1  = 0.5 . After the end of this period you will be able to sell your tokens at the purchase price 1  = 1  or more (in case of a higher demand)

This is intended to except any attempts of spamming. In addition, withdrawal of outstanding funds makes an adverse effect on the trading bot function. It has to close a deal in negative. We'd like to minimize such factors in order to achieve stable income for our investors.

Nevertheless, you may withdraw or re-invest your profit from trading (daily gain of 1-5%) and your reward for the referral program at any convenient time



How Rocketrade profit from this?

Rocketrade team has developed an effective algorithm that has been tested and is already making money. We attract investments in order to increase the volume of transactions and attain a greater profit both for our company and our investors


 Referral system:

You get profit from the funds that you have invested and from the income of your team

This profit is taxed up to 30%, 15% of this tax are intended for referral rewards and the rest 15% are transferred to us as a commission. The bigger investments you make, the less commissions you pay (see Investments Levels) The rest 70% are returned to you as income

Notably, the referral rewards are accrued once a day


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