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By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 25 Nov 2019

What is Fomo? Frag’s latest dapp brings Fomo back to the Tron Network.
FragFomo is a twist on the classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward! FragFomo’s variant introduces a multi-round system where players retain their keys after a round end, allowing them to continue to receive divs as the game continues. Also introduced is a fundamental change to who wins the pot at the end, instead of just the final buy winning the pot is split between the last 20 purchases (based on their purchase size) allowing for more dynamic strategy and tense gameplay, feel the fomo! 


So how does Fomo work? 🔑

The game revolves around keys and the timer, players buy keys which give them a chance at the pot if they’re the last 20 purchase before the timer hits zero. Each key adds time to the clock, extending the round for more action! Key price starts at 1 frag (or the equivalent in trx) and increases slowly over time, roughly +2 frag a day. Finally keys earn divs from all subsequent purchases.

Once the timer finally hits zero the current round will end, and the last twenty key purchases in the round will split the chest reward (a big pile of bond tokens) based on how many keys they purchased. The key price then resets ready for the next round to begin! (Following day / tbc)

An example: Chest reward is 1k bonds and player 1’s last purchase was 9 keys whilst player 2’s last purchase was only 1 key, this means player 1 will receive 900 bonds and player 2 will only receive 100 bonds! ⚔️

As well as the main chest reward, there is also a raffle side-pot each round, which rewards one random key with a portion of the bonds! You can buy more keys to increase your chance at this pot! 💰

Finally every round has a small chance of being a jackpot round (increasing 0.1% each round) determined once it has ended! These rounds can have vastly increased bond rewards, and also pay out bonus divs to all keys in that round, so can be worth chasing as round number gets high!

After a jackpot round occurs ALL keys are burnt and the game is effectively reset, back to round 1 -so that the fomo fun can begin once again! 🚀

📊 FragFomo’s game pot breakdown:

  • 50% of frag goes to key divs (44% to keys in round, 6% to all keys)
  • 2% feeds FragBox dapp
  • 2% goes to jackpot bonus divs (for all keys in the jackpot round)
  • 46% goes to FragBond dapp, in return for minting 75% worth of bonds.

📊 These bond prizes are awarded as following:

  • 10% for raffle (one random key in round)
  • 60% split between last 20 buyers in each round
  • 10% into jackpot bonus pot (for prizes in the jackpot round)
  • 20% of the bond pot is carried through to next round.

Note: These numbers could be subject to small changes 👍

UPDATE: FragFomo is now live and you can play it here!


Still first round

Countdown - 20Hod
Jackpot - 387K (2.3M TRX)
Key prize - 21.7 TRX

Link to website -


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